It Was Not Afrin But Western Values That Fell!

Jihadist from the FSA of Turkey during the attack on Afrin

By Rebwar Rashed:

The Turks repeated their history when they attacked Afrin and invaded it after 60 days. In February 1258 the city of Baghdad struggled for only 13 days before the Mongol Turks burned it down. The Turks have since Baghdad´s conquest burned and exterminated Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Arabs, Kurds and so on.

The Kurdish city of Afrin is probably the only city in the history of Mongols, now armed with NATO’s fire power, to be able to resist for two months. The destruction of Afrin and the atrocities the Turks committed in Afrin are only a repetition of what once happened to Baghdad and elsewhere.

The world, especially the Western democracies, looked at Afrin through their fingers. On the first day of the invasion on January 20th 2018, Turkey attacked Afrin using 72 American F16 fighter jets, German tanks and German-made armored vehicles and an army of ISIS, Jabha Alnusra, Sultan Murad Brigades and other Islamic terrorist groups. Russia and Iran were also helping the Turks.

Afrin was one of the cantons that the Kurds of Syria along with other ethnic groups declared as a part of a democratic, federal system and the one and only area of Syria which, despite the Turkish blockade and psychological warfare and also the international silence, stood on her feet. The city had a functional bureaucracy, schools, hospitals and roads, but most importantly, it had a democratic administration.

In the middle of a Sahara of Islamic radical movements and an Islamic neo-fascism led by Turkey, the Afrin canton was implementing pluralism, gender equality, and secularism and it was developing a self-sufficient economy, especially in the fields of sustainable agriculture and the employment of women and youths. The canton had even begun to invest in renewable energy and had launched ecology and environmental studies in school books.

In the last seven years Afrin has been a peaceful neighborhood to Turkey and there have not been any kinds of violence or provocative actions. The people of Afrin appreciated their lives and were thankful for the achievements they had while they saw the other parts of Syria in misery.

Turkey started its invasion with the help of Russia and Iran. Russia doesn’t care about Syria’s sovereignty and integrity. It therefore allowed Turkey to invade Syria in order to make a split in NATO. The Islamic regime of Iran, which is the second axis of radical and fascistic Islam, albeit a Shia version, would rather have Turkey take a part of Syria than the Kurds. The reason is that Iran has its own Kurdish people to think about. Any kinds of Kurdish losses are always welcomed.

What about the standpoint of the USA and other Western democracies? Wasn’t their silence a signal of acceptance? These countries have good knowledge about the barbaric behavior of the Turks, the fascistic mentality of the AKP and Erdogan. They are aware too of the Turkish coalition with Sunni radical Islamic terrorists. These countries know too that Turkey has organized and brought Islamic terrorists all the way from China and through the Islamic republics of former Soviet Union, North Africa and Arabic countries. They know that it’s Erdogan who organizes Islamic fascist groups in Europe as well as taking care of the smuggling business with refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. The public opinion and many feminist organizations in the West also know that the AKP government is behind the prostitution, people trafficking, forced child marriage with Syrian refugees and recruitment of Syrian men and youths into terrorist groups for a monthly wage of a few hundreds of dollars.

These democracies have very good knowledge about Turkish atrocities in the region, especially in Syria and specifically in Afrin, which includes beheading people, lootings, rapes, sexual abuses and harassment, confiscating private sector assets, destroying historical sites which are globally significant and even demolishing graveyards. The Turkish so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) is a terrorist umbrella which comprises ISIS and Co. Turkey is waging much of its dirty war through the FSA.

In almost 70 years of Arabization of Syrian Kurdistan, especially under the Baath party of Syria, the Syrian government could only make relatively “small” Arabic-pockets in the Kurdish region. By getting rid of radical Sunni Muslims through sending them to these new established pockets in the Kurdistan area the Baath party killed two birds by one stone; it got rid of these radical Arabs and all of a sudden they became a Kurdish “problem”. Now, Erdogan vows to give these lands to its “real owners”. That means Erdogan will continue with the same Arabization policy of the Baath party, but this time Turkey wants to do it quickly and completely. The official ideology of Turkey calls for “crushing Kurdish dreams to reach the Mediterranean”.

Turkey must be brought before the bodies such as the International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice and European Court of Justice for crimes of genocide, organized atrocities, and crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression.

By invading Syria and destroying this Kurdish oasis of Afrin, Turkey is plotting to divide Syria. The FSA is much less than the puppet government of Cyprus and will not be more than a rubber stamp. Thus Turkey has shattered the dreams of the peoples of the region for freedom and liberty. The Islamic neo-fascism of Erdogan has destroyed the democratic values which mankind has fought for since the Renaissance. It was not Afrin but Western values that fell.

The Kurdish people will continue its struggle and will eventually break the evil axis of Iran and Turkey. The Kurds have lost the battle of Afrin due to the superior fire-power the Turks possess thanks to NATO and countries such as Germany, but they will for sure win the war of liberation. That is the Turkish nightmare and that horrible nightmare is following Turkey to an inevitable defeat.

Rebwar Rashed is Co-Chair of the Kurdistan National Congress – KNK

One Response to It Was Not Afrin But Western Values That Fell!
  1. Tesla
    March 29, 2018 | 23:25

    Dear Sir, when you say that Russia doesn’t care about the sovereignty and integrity of Syria…could you elaborate? We know that the plan to carve up Syria was made by the NATO powers with the Israeli, Saudis and so on, and that Daesh and all the other rebel groups were just their assests to do the job, but since Russia came into the game the Islamists have start to disappear and the Syrian government forces were able to recover huge chunks of land. I remember the January invasion by Turkey was provoked when the US announced that they were working to establish a 30,000-strong border security force in northern Syria…What happened to your American allies? And the Israelis?? I think Russia is going throu a very hard time due to the Western aggression against her, and since she took care of Daesh while Washington was arming them, isn’t it too much to pretend that Putin solve all the problems??

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