Helly Luv ‘risks it all’ for an independent Kurdistan

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Helen hugs a lioness in her debut video

Helen hugs a lioness in her debut video

Kurdish singer Helen Abdulla – known as ‘Helly Luv’ – has received death threats from Islamist groups since the appearance of her debut video, Risk it All, which promotes independence for Kurdistan and shows her throwing a Molotov cocktail and dancing with female peshmergas.

“‘Risk It All” means risking everything for your dreams and love. Personally as a Kurd I believe we all as Kurds have one dream, and that is independence,” she told The Guardian.

“The peshmerga women in the video are a symbol for our strong women that have been fighting for our country and [for] independence.”

“Even though I am Kurdish I am still focused more on the international market. My dream is just to inspire people to risk it all and not give up,” she added.

“As for Kurdistan, I am even more excited and proud of my country for how far it has come. The future is very bright and I can’t wait for the day [we can] raise the Kurdish flag on independence day.”

Finland-based Helen made the video in the south of Kurdistan, involving Syrian Kurd refugees in the filming and with the backing of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) prime minister Nechirvan Barzani. To date ‘Risk it All’ has had almost half a million You Tube views.

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  1. Aram Azad
    February 27, 2014 | 20:46

    we will fight for Kurdish independent state. one nation , one dream , one struggle. Kurdistan 4 ever.

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