Gorran says ‘no’ to extension for President Barzani

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President Barzani

President Barzani

According to KT’s reliable sources, the Gorran movement has decided to reject a request from the Kurdistan Region’s two ruling parties that it support an extension to the presidency of Masud Barzani.

According to the rules, President Barzani should stand down in July, because he will have served two terms, and new presidential elections should be held. However, a delegation from the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) visited the Gorran leadership this weekend asking that Barzani be allowed to stay on for another term without an election.

Gorran’s leaders have turned down this request but they are concerned that the ruling parties will try to change the law to secure an extension for Barzani.

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6 Responses to Gorran says ‘no’ to extension for President Barzani
  1. Ari Ali
    April 9, 2013 | 15:16

    extension to the ”presidency” of Masud would not be betrayal of all ever suffering ordinary kurdish people , it is a treason of all the innocent blood that has been shed in the road of freedom and justice .

    If masoud run another term , we can say there are no men left in kurdistan , like there was no men in Iraq under Saddam .

    Culture of the immortalism need our urgent attention!

  2. Ali Barzani`
    April 9, 2013 | 22:37

    Barzani must go to prove that there is real democracy in Iraqi Kurdistan. The US must stop supporting dictators and corrupt leaders otherwise it will taint its own image worldwide. Democracy in Iraq will entice and have impact on the plight of all other ethnic and religious minorities in Syria, Turkey and Iran. If he stays in power, the general public will lose their faith in the US. Before he leaves, his embezzled billion of public funds must be returned back to KRG along with his billionaire cabinet members or he can be charged with corruption , for civil war crimes or falsification.

  3. Lorenzo Garcia
    April 10, 2013 | 13:06

    According to weakyleaks the US gave 2 billion dollarsx to Jamal Tallibani and Mazoud Barzani in order to start the creation of the bombed and destructed infracstructure of Kurdistan. I do not know how many other billions USD they gave to Baghdad politicians, but the outcome of their investments is like comparing the goods and the bad guys.
    This kind of democracy that all will like to see in Kurdistan, whereelse in the MENA can you see it? Which role model will you like to see in Kurdistan?
    The turkish model, the israeli model or the iranian model? Obviously, the cultural legacy of Arab republics and other baathist socialist experiments are not the role model for Kurdistan.

    Please you who has so much wisdom, tell me which democratic role model in the MENA should Kurdistan look after?
    It is a democratic right to critice whatever you want and to have a freedom of speech. The worst sin for a kurdish democracy is the kurdish donkey.

  4. Suleiman
    April 10, 2013 | 17:18

    Kurdistan doesn’t need to follow any models. Why do we have to copy Turkey, Israel, or Iran? All of which have their own interests and challenges specific to them. Democracy is simple if we want it simple. Simple hand over of power to a new president and everyone support. If we decide to make it complicated then we can come up with conspiracy theories that the country is unstable and under attack and needs Barzani to survive, which is the dumbest argument. Unfortunately money plays a big role here and I am afraid Goran may break under pressure. It’s impermanent that the current opposition ( lewd by Gorran and the Islamic parties) not let this act of dictatorship take over. If Barzani stays, then there will be no difference between him and Saddam, Assad, Mubaraak, and Gadhafi.

    • Serkeft
      April 13, 2013 | 02:59

      You dude need an education! If you obviously can not distinguish the differences between the following dictators you then are most likely in need of an examination of your brain! You think it is so simple to just hand over the presidency at such a delicate time? If you can prove that any of the leaders in the free world are not corrupt then you will then have a valid point! Otherwise you and the rest of the commenters here that don’t know jack really just need to stfu

  5. Suleiman
    April 13, 2013 | 12:31

    KDP And PUK supporters will say its delicate time. Typical hypocrisy. If the current president was from another party, Serkaft wouldn’t be saying this nonsense. To come here and question the brains of people is as brainless as it gets. If Barzani stays in power, what difference would be between him and all the other dictators? Typical hypocritical supporters who have financial gains to worry about. These kinds of bottom feeders exist in every society. No brain just fill the pocket with money.

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