Correcting the Contradiction of the Obama Administration

By Rauf Naqishbendi:

Just like individuals, governments are to be judged for their virtues and vices, for governments are a consortium of people. To this end, decent individuals are in the company of good societies, while corrupted individuals are settled in the company of perverted societies. In a sense, one can judge an individual by whom they befriend. Judging America in this sense, one doesn’t have to look hard to know who America’s friends are. Answering the crisis in the Middle East fomented by the Caliphate thugs, President Obama embarked on the formation of alliances that include its staunch friends, in particular Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the same nations who helped the formation of these Islamist thugs and who are at present their benefactors.

Meanwhile, the Kurds, who are fighting for the world, have been treated unfairly by the U.S.  On one hand America is helping the Kurds in Iraq insincerely, taking advantage of them, as America has done historically, and using them for its evil allies’ purposes. It is a paradox and shameful, at best, to aid the Syrian Kurds led by the PKK, who are honorable and the beacon of freedom, and yet to list them as a terrorist organization, catering to its abominable friend, the Turks. What a disgrace for the great superpower with no courage to stand against an evil system of people and the government of Turkey, which is paradoxical to every principle the American leaders are preaching to the world.

Assuredly, the rise of the Islamist Caliphate and their fall or advance will define President Obama’s foreign policy’s legacy. Judging by his strategy, the Islamist Caliphate is neither threatened nor in danger by Obama’s reaction, for his strategy is not going to register any success. His strategy is reliant on collaboration between the United States and its staunch allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Both countries are responsible for the formation of the Caliphate thugs, and at present, both countries are aiding them.

In modern history one cannot depict a situation whereby a nation and its government systematically and in harmony worked toward eliminating anyone who doesn’t resemble them, as does the evil nation of Turks and their Islamist government. The problem with this vicious nation is the world’s hypocritical superpower which preaches democracy and human rights and yet has been a benefactor of the Turks.  No matter what they do wrong, all is right by America’s judgment.  That must stop if America means what it preaches to the world.

The Obama Administration has mishandled and mismanaged the situation in Iraq and Syria in the way he has let the extremist Islamist organization take root and create the most ominous scenario in the history of the Middle East, not for what had transpired, but for what has to come in the foreseeable future. The ominous rise of the Islamist Caliphate is to be attributed to the Obama administration and labeled “Made in the U.S.” Meanwhile, notice the misfortune of the Syrian Kurds who fought for the world.  As a result, thousands of heroic Kurdish fighters gave their lives to thwart the Islamist Caliphates’ advances; all to be blamed on the Obama Administration’s helping the rise of Islamist fanatics.

This incurable disease—the fanatic Islamist thugs who have plagued Syria and Iraq—didn’t  come out of space from other galaxies, but it was rather helped to surface by the U.S. and its evil allies, the Turks, Saudis, and oil-rich Gulf Emirates. It was these same U.S. allies who were paranoid with the rise of Shiites in Iraq, Syria, and Iran, and their reaction was to help anyone who would bring down Assad’s regime in Syria and Al-Maliki’s regime in Iraq. The fact is that those who were fighting the Syrian regime were all affiliated with Islamist extremists, and the U.S. supported this party by calling for regime change in Syria, disregarding the danger of the Syrian regime falling at the hands of an Al-Qaida-like group. Even in 2011, high-profile Republican Senator John McCain met in Syria with IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but not with Syrian Kurdish leaders.

Since the rise of ISIS, the most formidable people who have been fighting these thugs have been the Kurds, and without much attention from the US. Sure the U.S. has been helping the Kurds in Iraq, but not for its good deed toward the Kurds, but rather to prevent Iraq’s partition into three countries. To this end, any who think America is the Kurds’ friend must be delusional and utterly ignorant of the U.S.’s policy toward the Kurds, which, to please the occupiers of Kurdistan, has been a long-standing denial of Kurdish national recognition.

The Kurds in Syria have been a symbol of heroism, fighting the Islamist thugs for the world, and yet America has offered them little help and has listed them as a terror organization. Those same Kurds in Syria have an army of Kurdish women, not heard of in the history of the world.  They have been ISIS’s nightmare and have given up everything in life, married to the struggle for freedom, to protect the people and defend the land which they consecrated with good deeds and faithful action. President Obama must realize this and recognize their quest for an independent Syrian Kurdistan.

One could believe President Obama’s courage if he gets fair with Turks, first threatening them with sanctions and removing them from NATO should they continue supporting ISIS and, to the Turks’ consternation, declaring PKK as a beacon of freedom and offering them both military and humanitarian aid. Can that really happen? Well, it all depends on how brave Obama can get.  Can he?

Rauf Naqishbendi has been a contributing columnist for:, – 2011),,, and has written Op/Ed pages for the Los Angeles Times.

Books by Naqishbendi:

  1. His memoirs entitled “The Garden Of The Poets”. It reads as a novel depicting his experience and the subsequent 1988 bombing of his hometown, Halabja with chemical and biological weapons by Saddam Hussein.  It is the story of his people’s suffering, and a sneak preview of their culture and history:
  2. ‘My Articles:’ This is a collection of columns published from 2002-2013 through several web media sites. It addresses Kurdish issues,  American politics and democracy, humanities, religion, terrorism, and Middle East chaos:
3 Responses to Correcting the Contradiction of the Obama Administration
  1. Jan Best de Vries
    November 11, 2014 | 07:36

    Dear Rauf Naqishbendi,
    Your analysis is completely right, but in it shimmers still some hope that the Americans may change their politics towards Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. However, the behaviour of Turkey against the people in Rojava is the most nefarious at the moment and even the Americans don’t like it at all. We should strive after solving one problem in West Asia at a time. Now this is lifting the status of the PKK as a terrorist organization and demonstrating that since 1923 Turkey has behaved against the Kurds like the terrorist state it is.

  2. Kuvan Bamarny
    November 11, 2014 | 09:39

    President Obama is not the one who says the final word in drawing the forgiven polices of America towards the eastern world countries .
    The strategic polices and decisions of America or western world in general ,towards Turkey ,Saudi Arabia or eastern world in general is made and drawn collectively by powerful,influential voices.

    America has already been going through a lot of crisis in the region.Thier interests have been at stake in the middle east as forces like Russia ,china and Iran are standing on the opposite pole, prevent their influence ,expansion and domination in the region.

    Due to the past decade change of thier politics,you can notice that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have not been so cooperate with America as they used to be before especially with regards in resolving conflicts and decision making of over the future of countries like Iran , Egypt,Syria ,Iraq,Palestine,Pakistan including the Kurdish cause.

    As two Islamic state,Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been playing double games with the western world.They have been playing their game carefully.They firstly want to safeguard their interests and power domination in the region,and at the sometime avoid coming into sate of conflict interests with America (western world) and also with opposed sides of America such as Iran, China and Russia ,especially with regards to the future of countries like Egypt,Syria ,Iraq,Palestine,Pakistan including the Kurdish cause.

    At this point ,I can confidently say that the only sincere ,loyal ally for America in the region that you can count on ,have been Kurds( Unfortunately they do not seem to appreciate it) ,India and Isreal.The rest of their friends in the middle east region, have been playing double games ( Games of concessions) with them.

  3. Dilshad
    November 11, 2014 | 17:33

    In April 2015, independence will be announced by President Barzani. President Obama will soon announce his adminsteration final position in a few days.

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