Catalonia is due to declare its independence

By Solin Hacador:

On Thursday, Catalonia on its National Day (11th September 1714) had a great victory in its demand of independence. I proudly participated in the demonstration to support the independence of Catalonia. I am convinced that Catalonia is ready and deserves its independence.

I must admit that I admired the unification of Catalan people in which more than a million people formed one body and one voice for their independence.  I wish we Kurdish people could take a good example from them and get more unified, and organized for the independence of Kurdistan. I deeply believe that the strongest weapon towards enemies is national unification.

Yes, the Catalan people have taken the last chance to emphasize key points in favor of independence to the Spanish Government.   On Thursday, the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, must have left speechless by the voice of Catalonia’s independence.

On its National Day 1.8 million Catalan people in their red and yellow clothing and of all ages participated in the demonstration and occupied 11km of the Barcelona’s roads. Catalan people on this very special day gave a message to Spanish Government, and to Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister, in particular, that they are ready and insistent on their demand for a referendum which is meant to be held on 9th November 2014.



The demonstration started from Glories Square (Plaça de les Glòries of Catalan) and people got divided into red and yellow colours to symbolize the Catalan flag and made “V” between Diagonal Street and Gran Via Street of Barcelona to demand a referendum to vote. These two streets are in the shape of “V” letter and these streets are chosen to signify “V” for voting.

It was quite visible that every corner of the Barcelona and the majority of buildings were decorated with Catalan flags. It is obvious that Catalan people tried their best to speak out about their demand of the independence.


Moreover, this very well organized demonstration was peacefully and democratically completed. The demonstrators mainly shouted slogans in Catalan – ‘Visca Catalunya’ (Long Live Catalonia) – and sang the Catalan anthem and many Catalan songs.

The National Assembly Catalan (ANC) President, Carme Forcadell, in her speech in Catalan stated that “We are ready for independence and prepared to go through with our independence demand on the 9th November 2014 referendum. We know it is difficult to deal with the Spanish Government but we are ready to undertake this hard responsibility’’.  Her brave speech made Catalan people more proud and emotional so they clapped her for a while.

President of Catalonia, Arturo Mas, insists on Catalonia’s independence and he does his best to reach a political solution.  He has held meetings, accompanied by businessmen and Catalan politicians, with the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, to negotiate the referendum. He has also run several campaigns for independence and promoting Catalan nationalism.

Spain’s economic crisis, which has left one in four unemployed people, has intensified the demand for Catalonia’s fiscal independence and political autonomy from Spain.

Catalonia, which is the richest region in Spain and represents a fifth of the Spanish economy, wants to raise and spend its own taxes rather than have them spent by the Spanish Government.

Catalan people believe that they can get rid of economic crises if they are independent from Spain. They want to decide for themselves instead of being subordinate to the mentality of the neighboring country Spain. They do not want to remain under Spanish rule.  They also believe that the negotiations between Catalonia and the rest of the Spain and other EU countries will be timely and constructive, leading to two viable states and friends.



The Scottish referendum is a role model for Catalonia. The referendum in Scotland is fueling new hopes. Whatever the outcome, many nationalists claim that Scotland has already won. The Scottish referendum takes place a few days before it is expected that the regional government of Catalonia will confirm that it will hold a vote for independence on 9th November, which would invalidate legal and political objections from the Spanish Government.

However, Catalan people claim that the Spanish Government is not as amenable and democratic as the British Government. They believe the real democracy has never reached Spain and still the dictator Franco’s political views influence The People’s Party (Partido Popular) that is in charge of Spanish Government.

It would be the first time a member of the European Union faces the secession of a region wanting to become a full member: If Scotland succeeds in negotiating their own membership, it would make the prospect of independence which seems safer and more attractive in the rest of Europe, said George Robertson, former Secretary General of NATO.

Although Catalans have been told that their EU and NATO membership will be revoked and they will asked to make new applications to join these institutions, they are ready to take any responsibility for their independence. Catalonia is more proud than ever after peacefully completing its huge rally. Catalonia will continue with its activities until the 9th November referendum.  I believe that the opportunities for independence will win the day and Catalonia is on its way to independence.

Solin Hacador is currently working as an academician and business investment advisor in Spain. She is specialized in international commercial law and human rights law. She is also a Kurdish human rights activist and writer working on a volunteer basis. She has a doctoral research on the development of European Union co-operation and intercultural dialogue. She is interested in Middle East politics, mainly in Kurdish politics, Kurdish literature, international law, particularly in human rights law; counter terrorism, war and peace processes.

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