Barzani calls for international aid

By Freeyad Ibrahim:

President Barzani calls on the international community to help the Syrian Kurdish refugees.

Finally, and under the internal and external pressure, Barzani has opened the border between the Kurdish region and the west Syrian Kurd region.

The refugees who are in very bad conditions are non-stop storming into Kurdistan.

They lack everything and need everything urgently.

And Barzani calls for international aid.

But the question is:

Could he not independently supply the Syrian Kurds with the most primary means of living, such as water, food and shelter?

The answer is: Yes he can.

Oil flows in abundance to Jihan harbour in Turkey. Don’t mention the huge amount of oil smuggled on a daily basis across the borders with Turkey, Iran, Jordan and Syria. Don’t mention the prosperity the region witnesses today. The high hotels and buildings, spacious villas, mountainous mansions, high rate of individual incomes and salaries, and more, are just a few evidences and examples of the economic prosperity the region now experiences.

Why do you cry then Mr. Barzani?

I’d not be mistaken to announce with my full heart that South Kurdistan (Great Kurdistan), of which Erbil is the capital, can afford to supply, not only the Syrian Kurd refugees, but also those who fled Iran and Turkey.

The experience has taught us that he is still the same Barzani as he was in the 1991 Intifada when he (the leader) and his family and his party called for international support in the form of food and shelter, blankets and medicines etc.…and he got it but only 1% reached the fleeing citizens, while the rest was misappropriated by members of his family, friends, his party members and high ranking officers.

Also, in 1997, during the notorious Kofi Annan’s and scandalous Bill Clinton’s Oil for Food program, the greatest proportion of the aid sent from the whole civilized world to the Region’s population went to the same elements just mentioned, who later sold the charity and aid items on the black market for twenty times their original price.

As a result, poverty struck the citizens even harder. The food was stored in big stores and basements under the direct supervision of his family and high officials belonging to his ruling party, the KDP, and authorized corrupted officials and ministers in his frail, fragile corrupt cabinet whose mustaches always ‘needed to be oiled’ by the average citizen whenever they needed them for one reason or another.

I hope that the international community will take urgent measures to help the Syrian Kurds, but it must keep firmly in mind that no help, no aid will reach the needy and the afflicted unless it is directly delivered hand – to – hand to them. 

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9 Responses to Barzani calls for international aid
  1. Baqi Barzani
    August 20, 2013 | 04:33

    R these refugees, whose figure is estimated at roughly 30,000, pouring into S Kurdistan as a result of civil war? If so why now? Or is there a conspiracy by global powers for Kurdistan in general again( Remapping the ME). There are theories that the entire Syrian Kurdish population are being ncouraged to migrate to South on purpose. Some suggest West and South Kurdistan could merge and independent Kurdistan could come into existence engulfing only those two parts. Some argue there could be a military intervention to get rid of Assad or the US has come under sever criticism for not extending adequate humanitarian aid and protection to Syrians. Whatever it is it does not bode well for Kurds. Kurds must be prepared for the worst case scenario. Barzani must consult all Kurdish political parties and not make unilateral decisions to avoid the repetition of 1974-5 debacle. I am positive Barzani is being dictated something by Washington against his own will and his own people but what exactlt is it , only he knows.

  2. Nisan Sunflower
    August 20, 2013 | 04:46

    Kurdish or no Kurdish, a corrupt politician is a corrupt politician.

  3. Karwan Mustafa
    August 21, 2013 | 01:03

    Denise Natali, the Minerva Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies INSS, published a piece on entitled” Iraqi Kurdistan’s Silent Revolution”

    Do not believe a word of it. US government wants to deny it played any role in re-installing dictator Barzani and canceling the presidential elections after Barzani bowed down to their demands. US continues to share Intel and advices Barzani how to suppress the opposition parties and figures. Denis article was meant to mislead readers that Obama does not prop up dictators and corrupt politicians. Many intellectuals placed the blame on Washington for meddling into the internal affairs of KRG.

  4. KIM
    August 22, 2013 | 22:03

    President Barzani recently ordered deduction of 20% of state institutions budget for one month to be allocated to assist Syrian Kurdish refugees in South.

    We suggest that S.Kurdistan establish the ” Kurdistan Emergency Management Agency (KEMA)” something similar in concept and operation to the US FEMA to deal with urgent unexpected emergency situations.

    This Agency can be funded both by international donors as well as from KRG budget directly.

  5. Karwan
    August 23, 2013 | 05:04


    If Makroo ( Masood) and his corrupt KDP approve of founding such institutions, then how are they gonna be able to embezzle public funds? Barzani don’t wish to see an independent Kurdistan because then there would be real transparency and accountability which means all proceeds earned from customs, illicit tobacco, drugs and oil trafficking, their hidden billion dollars worth of real state properties in foreign countries along with billions of dollars of cash assets in foreign accounts, would come to light and be lost. In 1975, KDP had in its possession 50 Million US dollar cash and we were starving to death. Kurdism has become lucrative business in Kurdistan and the sad part is there are now 5000 of them with the same mentality. They have kept our people in sheer ignorance on purpose. Give it a few more years then you shall see real changes. Aware that they are not gonna last forever and eventually Makroo will have to step down and some one else must replace him, KDP senior leadership is busy making preparations and accumulating wealth. What they don’t take in earnest is that if a true leader takes over, they will all have to account for their wrongs in courts and could lose every penny in a split second. Mubarrack and Qazafi had billions, too! Its just the matter of time!

  6. kawa
    August 24, 2013 | 13:12

    Why Cry Loud??
    Certainly KRG need to cry loudly in this situation. It is not only matter of monetary but to raise awareness throughout the world to the crisis. No fly zone over Kurdistan was not achieved but in response to the mass immigration of Kurds.

  7. Amanj
    August 24, 2013 | 19:21

    We must seek logical solutions to dilemmas facing our nation. lets suppose Barzani assisted these refugees this time. What about next time? I agree with KIM that Kurdistan needs a national agency to prepare for such emergency circumstances for future. We have to have proper plannings , not wait for the last minute until something bad occurs. Unless we stand on our own feet and institutionalize Kurdistan, its pointless to hinge on others.

  8. Rezgar Hawleri
    August 25, 2013 | 21:37


    why did you shut down your activities on facebook? Did you join KDP?

  9. KIM
    August 27, 2013 | 05:57

    To: Rezgar Hawleri

    Every action we take, KDP counteracts the next day. That means Intel is being shared and our activities are being monitored. We had to do so! Internet is not a reliable source any more.

    KIM has deeply penetrated into KDP, PUK, and Gorran and has adequate members power to hold a demo within 48 hours in Hawler if we wish to do so. We are re-organizing and reinforcing! KIM has come into being and it will never be silenced until it achieves its ultimate goa which is independence for South.

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