Ahmet Turk ‘optimistic’ about peace process

By Mufid Abdulla:

Ahmet Turk and Mufid Abdulla

Ahmet Turk and Mufid Abdulla

On my latest trip to South Kurdistan I was lucky enough to bump into the Kurdish nationalist leader Ahmet Turk as he was staying in the city of Erbil since he has been participating in a national congress between representatives of the four parts of Kurdistan.

During our discussion we talked about his opinions on the negotiations between the Kurdish PKK and the Turkish government. Ahmet Turk told me that, “Three decades of war between the two sides will take time to be resolved. This issue is not something that can be resolved overnight, rightly so”.

Ahmet Turk believes that most Turkish nationalists now want to resolve this issue once and for all.

Ahmet Turk

Ahmet Turk

Second, I asked him if he thinks there is any hope for the PKK leader Ocalan to be released. Ahmet replied that the release of Ocalan is one of the goals in the resolution of this ongoing dispute between the PKK and Turkish government and he said that, overall, he is “optimistic” about the negotiations.

Ahmet Turk is a great man, a principled leader and spokesman who has devoted his life to the struggle for justice for the Kurdish people and for an independent, free state of our own. As chief editor of the Kurdistan Tribune, I am honoured to have been able to have this discussion with Ahmet Turk.

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  1. Saman Faylee
    August 20, 2013 | 14:26

    He is right, the issue between Kurdish PKK and the Turkish government is not something that can be resolved overnight.

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