Syrian Kurdish leader assassinated by Assad regime

News from The Kurdistan Tribune:

Update:  Syria security forces ‘open fire at Kurd’s funeral’ (BBC)

A leader of the Kurdish nationalist movement in Western Kurdistan has been assassinated by two men wearing balaclavas. Mashaal Tammo, leader of the Kurdistan Future Party, was killed in Kamishlow, a Kurdish city in Syria, on 7th October 2011. His wife and son, Alos, were injured in the attack.

A voice of outrage has arisen across Kurdistan – north, south, east and west – to condemn the Syrian dictatorship regime for carrying out this atrocity against the Kurdish people and their leadership.

The American administration’s White House has indicated that the assassination of Mashaal Tammo is a sign that the international community needs to do something to stop the bloody regime in Syria. France has taken a similar position.

Mashaal Tammo made a big impact, particularly for his work in developing the provisional council of the opposition in Syria.

One Response to Syrian Kurdish leader assassinated by Assad regime
  1. Haval
    October 8, 2011 | 11:15

    Assad regime is another brand of the Baathist Saddamist party in Iraq. If they can not jail him they will find different ways to eliminate their opponent.Assad regime of Syria agre going through the final party of their history. The corrupted and disgised family can not be differentiated from Saddam,Gazzafi, and Mubarak.

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