Semi-Sultan Erdogan’s Payments to General Flynn; Turkish State Terrorism and the Kurds


General Michael Flynn

By Dr. M. Kamiar:

On the American Election Day of November 8, 2016, retired Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, now President Trump’s National Security Advisor, suggested the U.S. should extradite coup suspect Mr. Gulen to Turkey. On the Election Day, General Michael Flynn (November 8, 2016) penned an article for The Hill newspaper entitled, “Our ally Turkey is in crisis and needs our support.” He argued, “Turkey is vital to U.S. interests. Turkey is really our strongest ally against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as well as a source of stability in the region.” General Flynn is accurate in saying Turkey “is facing calamity and needs America’s help. But, the situation is a byproduct of the implication of radical Islamist policies of fascist Sultan Erdogan. The General’s recommendation came after he was paid as a lobbyist for Ankara. America should not assist Turkey’s murderer Sultan. The new honeymoon in progress between Ankara and Washington will give the Turkish tyrant an opportunity to kill more Kurds.

Almost nothing that General Flynn has assumed about Turkey and the Turkish Islamist Sultan Erdogan is true. Erdogan’s association, friendship and oil trade with the ISIS/Daesh or the donkeys are all over the Internet. Even the American president-elect is fully aware of the oil business between Daesh and Erdogan’s son Bilal. The friendship and cooperation between Erdogan and Gulen caused the purging of the Kemalist army and murdering of thousands of Kurds. The Turkish state under the Islamist Erdogan, his ruling AKP, and its “parallel state” under Gulen illegally controlled most of the government contract. This made the two Islamist friends, Erdogan and Gulen, among the richest men in the world. They made $10-12 billion each. The Turkish secular military had no respect for Gulen and his movement, let alone listening to him and carrying out a coup in his name. In a self-incriminating statement, Ankara called the Gulen movement a “parallel terrorist” thus exposing itself as a “Terrorist state.”

As soon as the Gulenists revealed facts about the illegal deals, millions of dollars in shoeboxes in the Erdogan’s home, and corruption by Erdogan’s cabinet and family members, the Gulenists were purged and prosecuted since 2013. The person of Gulen and his followers had little or no role in the coup. Furthermore, Ankara has no shred of evidence to prove Gulen was guilty. The only way Gulen may be extradited is through the American justice system, not through paid lobbyists such as General Flynn. English teachers from Turkey in Gulen’s schools in the U.S. may have a Turkish accent but they are here lawfully. They teach many other classes other than English, such as algebra, mathematics, trigonometry, geometry, and many science classes. These teachers were unaware that Erdogan’s former friend was accused of leading a coup in Turkey.

Both Gulen and Erdogan are Islamist-Salafi radicals who believe in installing the Islamic Sharia law in Turkey. Erdogan is in charge of Turkish state terrorism against all of those who oppose him but mainly the Kurds. Gulen is an Islamist Sunni Imam in charge of brainwashing his innocent followers. Nowhere in his article of nearly 1,200 words, can one find the word Kurd! After Saddam Hussein and Ataturk, Erdogan has killed the largest number of Kurds in the world. Actually, he has ordered the killing of the largest number of Kurdish civilians and many children in the 21st century. He is a war criminal.

Eric Zuesse (August 18, 2016) alleged, “Gulen is a key CIA asset in the American aristocracy’s decades-long effort to conquer Russia.” More importantly, Gulen’s Sunni movement would be seen as a counterbalance to Iran’s Shia activities in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Mr. Gulen was not really sick to require medical attention in America. In 1999, while still in Turkey, he had to get in touch with the CIA in Turkey. He was sought by the secular military for breaking the Kemalist code of separation of church and state that was a crime punishable by death penalty. In other words, he was running for his life. To be considered as a refugee in the United States, Graham Fuller, a prominent intelligence analyst at the RAND Corporation, former CIA station chief in Kabul and Vice President of the National Intelligence Council played a key role. Another person who also authored a similar letter in a plea for Gulen was Morton Abramowitz, a former CIA operative in Turkey who later served as a US ambassador in that country.

Only three days after the election, a report surfaced online relating General Flynn’s intelligence consulting firm with an obscure Dutch company called Inovo and a Turkish middleman by the name of Ekim Alptekin, an ally of Erdogan’s and chairman of the Turkish-American Business Council. They were able to hire the General as a lobbyist for Turkey’s government and its president, Erdogan. In this regard, Mr. David Phillips (November 16, 2016) of Columbia University reported, “Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, a Trump national security adviser, has been paid by Turkish money laundered through a Dutch company to lobby on behalf of the Turkish government. More than bad judgment, Flynn’s egregious conduct raises ethical questions. It also casts doubt on his suitability for public office.”

Mr. Phillips believed, “Simply put, Flynn was bought. He should not be lobbying on behalf of Turkey – period.” Actually, the General should have registered himself as Turkey’s foreign agent before being paid. He added, “Erdogan’s AK Party acts like a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Mr. Phillips concluded, “Flynn should disclose what he was paid and when by Inovo. He should clarify his current contractual obligations and itemize the services he performed for Turkey. If he does not come clean, Flynn should be disqualified from consideration for a top job in the Trump administration.” Sadly, “business as usual” is creeping back when we learn that even General Flynn is entangled in the web of lobby business in Washington. For being a member of NATO and Erdogan’s counter-coup attempts including the death penalty and introducing beheadings, Turkey is a loser. When paid, only General Flynn has begun salvaging Turkish Islamist terrorism.

As a concerned citizen, I agree with General Flynn for being against Obama’s politically correct policy when it comes to Islamic terrorism. I have no respect for any terrorist group regardless of their religious background or belief system. Bin Laden, al-Baghdadi, and Erdogan all are in the same league. They all are Islamist terrorists. I also agreed with his main theme of his fiery speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, in reference to Hillary Clinton, encouraging the crowd that chanted, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” But, if General Flynn is involved in receiving bribery from Turkey and working for a terrorist state led by an Islamist terrorist as Erdogan, shouldn’t he be prosecuted and locked up too?

By the early 1920s, the Turkish Republic of fear initiated the Kurdish genocide under direct order of Ataturk, Father of the Turks. The ethnic cleansing initiated by him has never gone away. The first major Kurdish Genocide in the 20th century was ordered by Ataturk and executed by Ismet Inonu, aiming at total annihilation of the Kurds. The mass murder of the Kurds was implemented about 15 years before Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-American lawyer who is best known for his work against genocide, and coined the word by the last years of WWII. It was a systematic and well-planned program, designed in Ankara, and targeted a defenseless civilian population. No Turkish government has been able to survive without calling the Kurds “outlawed-terrorists.” With a racist-fascist-Islamist mentality, Gulen is more of the same, or even more dangerous toward the Kurds than Erdogan. In Turkey, these three big enemies of the Kurds have and will carry out their atrocities against the Kurds with the help and approval of the U.S. and NATO. The Turkish President Erdogan has ordered to kill the largest number of civilian Kurds in the 21st century.

At a time when the EU and US were flattering Turkey as a model of a moderate Muslim democracy for the Mideast, Turkish state terrorism was showing its true nature of Turkish MB at work. The General must remember peaceful demonstrations in Istanbul’s Gezi and Taksim Square Park in June 2013. Here, symbolically similar to Tahrir Square in Cairo, Erdogan ordered to use the largest amount of tear gas ever in the world against his own citizens. The tear gas was mainly imported from Brazil, Turkey and Brazil were both controlled first by military generals and became fertile with many coup d’états. Corrupt civilian governments then followed military mentalities in both countries. Only in Turkey is autocracy being mixed with Islamic radical theocracy. As the Turkish police, trained in the Gulen’s Islamic seminaries, fired up to 130,000 tear-gas canisters against unarmed protesters in Istanbul and many other cities, Ankara had plans to buy 100,000 more from Brazil and the U.S.

It is difficult to find major differences between Turkey’s recent political Islam and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. According to General Flynn, the MB is a terrorist organization. But centered in Ankara, the Turkish MB is a moderate Muslim model. It must be interesting that less than a year ago, Koohzad (December 21, 2016) in a long research article, substantiated the fact that “today “Islamist moderates” do not exist in the Mideast. Together Democrats and Republicans are mistaken if they believe that they can spend half a billion dollars and train a few thousand Syrian moderate Muslim militants to fight the regime and ISIS.” It is not only the suicide-bomber that should not be named moderates, the Islamist political leaders in the Mideast such as in the Wahhabi-Saudi Arabia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkish Republic of fear, and the so-called Islamic State do not hesitate to carry out acts of terrorism. In none of these states do ethnic minorities, especially the politically active Kurds, and women, seem to be safe.

In December 1997, as the Islamist mayor of Istanbul, Erdogan declared himself an Islamist radical as soon as he recited a poem that included verses, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” General Flynn knows that keywords such as barracks, helmets, bayonets, and soldiers are common jargons of the Jihadist movement. Just a week after the so-called coup in Turkey, Alexander Kudascheff (July 22, 2016) wrote that Turkey was on “its way to becoming an Islamic autocracy.” He believed that Erdogan’s regime is now an Islamic “rubber-stamp” dictatorship. Actually, he argued Erdogan’s policies were in par with Stalin’s purges in the 1930s and Hitler’s 1933 seizure of power. The SS Erdogan is so rude and crude that has not been shy admiring Adolf Hitler publically.

On September 11, 2016, as was reported by Agence France-Presse (AFP) and published by the Guardian, Orhan Pamuk, Turkish novelist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006 and Columbia University’s Professor of Comparative Literature and Writing, said his country was “heading to a “regime of terror.” Professor Pamuk believed, “In Turkey, we are progressively putting behind bars all people who take the liberty of voicing even the slightest criticism of the government.” He added, “Freedom of thought no longer exists. We are distancing ourselves at high speed from a state of law and heading towards a regime of terror,”

Michael Rubin (November 17, 2016) reported that General Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and newly appointed National Security Advisor to President-elect Trump, was being paid by a foreign lobbying group to defend Turkish President Erdogan. Dr. Rubin also believed Erdogan is a radical Muslim leader. He hosted Hamas terrorists, had a few handshakes with the Afghan-Taliban terrorist leaders like Hekmatyar, but also “welcomed genocidal Sudanese dictator Oman al-Bashir despite outstanding war crimes indictments.” Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, still on the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, personally poured acid over the face of female students on the campus of Kabul University.

Recently, Gwynne Dyer (November 12, 2016) added a background to Professor Panuk’s evaluation of the state of terror in Turkey. Although those words were composed in Istanbul, he had to smuggle them to Italy to be published by Repubblica, a liberal daily newspaper. The reason was “because no Turkish paper would dare to publish them.” Mr. Dyer wrote that “the entire senior editorial staff of Turkey’s oldest mainstream daily, Cumhuriyet, was arrested last weekend, allegedly for supporting both Kurdish rebels and the Islamic secret society controlled by exiled Muslim cleric Gulen.” It is important to note that Cumhuriyet, Republic, has always supported the country’s secular constitution, has been against the Islamic movement, including Gulen, and criticized Kurdish separatism.

Neo-Ottoman Semi-Sultan Erdogan, as a paranoid, fanatic, Islamist leader, he always retaliates against his imagined enemies. Any criticism of him, even a joke, can be seen as an insult on him that is punishable in Turkey. He is the region’s biggest troublemaker. As a fearmonger and warmonger, he rudely demands and orders to implement his agenda. (1) He required that the Kurds must vote for him, (2) he accused and imprisoned Kurdish political leaders, (3) he insisted that President Assad of Syria must go and needs to be replaced by a MB type of government, (4) he demanded financial aid and visa-free travel for Turks going to Europe or he would open the floodgate of 3 million refugees, (5) he even threatened to change the name of the Trump Towers in Istanbul, and (6) he insisted that Gulen be delivered to him. More importantly, (7) he desires to bring back the death penalty as one of his countercoup measures. The bloody Semi-Sultan Erdogan is the leader of a country that claimed to have zero problems with its neighbors. Now, after a decade of AKP rule, Turkey has issues with all of them.

It is true that moderates have never existed in most of the Muslim nations in the Middle East. Actually, Erdogan’s flag is Black, and is intertwined with Ataturk’s Red one; it creates Turkish State terrorism that targets the Kurds. Erdogan has been fighting the Kurds on three fronts, in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. His bloody appetite for more killing increased with the so-called coup of July 15, 2016. Alas, the new honeymoon between Ankara and Washington that commenced with advanced payment to General Flynn marked a new era of bloodshed and suppression of the Kurds.

Kurdish mayors, Kurdish representatives in the Parliament, even the co-chairs of the only Kurdish political party, HDP, lost their political immunity and are in jail. In Turkey, anything and everything Kurdish is illegal. In the middle of all of the bullets, bombs, and beheadings, the Islamist fascist Erdogan has ordered the closing of Zarok, a Kurdish television station that used to broadcast only Kurdish-language cartoons for children. By paying General Flynn, Semi-Sultan Erdogan has inaugurated the navigation of Washington’s black swamp of power brokers. If the tyrant of Turkey receives any favoritism from Trump’s team, he certainly will terrorize more Kurds.


Dr. M. Koohzad is a professor emeritus of Middle Eastern Studies in the United States.

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