‘The Press and Political Processes in Contemporary Iraqi Kurdistan’: A call for contributions to this study

Press Release:

Academics from Harvard Law School, Dr John Hogan and Dr John Trumpbour, are in the final stages of completing their study into The Press and Political Processes in Contemporary Iraqi Kurdistan.

The latest paper released by the researchers is a report which presents competing views on the press environment.  (See the English language version and the Kurdish language translation).

The researchers are seeking to maximise debate and call upon all interested parties to encourage and participate in dialogue about the current state of affairs and the best way forward.

In order to provide the opportunity for the greatest possible participation in this important debate and to allow for analysis and recommendations to consider all views, the researchers have extended the deadline for responses to Monday, March 12, 2012.

For further information visit the links above and to provide feedback contact:

Dr John Hogan
Wertheim Fellow
Labor and Worklife Program
Harvard Law School
Harvard University
3 Responses to ‘The Press and Political Processes in Contemporary Iraqi Kurdistan’: A call for contributions to this study
  1. Hawar
    June 26, 2012 | 19:09

    Just to let you know, KDP’s agents in their comments, involve other media outlets in kak Choman’s article to distort readers’ attention. The aim of the article is on Rudaw and Nechirvan Barzani. Chomani dosen’t say other media outlests are angles, but none has been as rich as Rudaw’s owner Nechirvan, who spends huge amount of people’s money on Rudaw and its staff, which includes no-Kurdish journalists and “academics”.

  2. Ako
    June 29, 2012 | 17:30

    It’s a shame you use Kurdish victims for your Business project. We know you, we know what is going on with your project, we know who funds your project. If you cared for people, you could couragiously condamn the KDP’s babay killers, but not to use the victims photos for your publicity. We know you cannot condame the party, because the money you get comes from the party, and the party steals that money from the public. We don’t blame you, but we blame Nazand Bagikhani, who I became aware that she is the wife of who sent the above press release Dr John Hogan,I have been told that she is behind this so called academic project! as she is working for Nechirvan’s Rudaw company. It has been said that even her poetry was written by Dr Kamal Mirawdaly in English, but when she published them, she didn’t even bother to mention his name. So in reality, we better not to mention her name too, as their strategy is to run the business, how? this is not a matter for them, the matter is to secure the money.
    Kurdish readers and journalists are more cleraver than what you think. Thank you for KurdistanTribune for letting people’s view public.

    • Jonathan
      December 9, 2012 | 21:26

      @Ako: can you tell us how did you reach these interesting findings? Seriously this, if proven, could be a serious case against this couple! The wife works for the prime minister, and the husband executes a project probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! using the name of Harvard university?! That makes it even more interesting. This paper is about to come out any time soon. So please be precise in your response about the project, no one cares about stolen lines of poem. This project is likely to try its best to undermine free media to bolster the govt case for censorship.

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