Mystery of murdered Duhok lecturer

News by The Kurdistan Tribune:

Local people in Duhok have been shocked by the murder of Sagfan Jamila, a university lecturer, on Monday evening. According to news reports the victim had been followed by a car on his way home and was found with nine bullets in his body before being taken to hospital where he died. There has been no progress so far in the police investigation into this crime.

Safgan Jamila was a member of the KDP committee for the University of Duhok but his brother told reporters that he had no grudges with anyone. The brother said the family has been devastated by the tragedy.

Jamila, who was born in 1965, held a Master’s degree in economics and management and wrote about Kurdish language and literature. The KDP media has not covered his murder although Kurdish university professionals have in the past been very vulnerable to political assassination: for example, Dr Abdulstar Tahir Sharid, of Kirkuk University, was murdered two years ago.

Inevitably there has been speculation about whether there could be a connection between Monday’s cold-blooded killing and the recent turmoil in Duhok, including the burning of the KIU’s offices and the arrest of Mulla Rashid Taha.

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One Response to Mystery of murdered Duhok lecturer
  1. Kawa
    February 22, 2012 | 21:43

    KDP media did cover the murder. It was on Peyamner…

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