The people of Kurdistan will never forget the massacres of Halabja, Dersim and Zilan

Halabja, 1988

Statement by the Co-Presidency of the KCK:

26 years ago, on the 16th of March, thousands of Kurds were killed in Halabja, a city in South Kurdistan. Hereby, we vehemently condemn this inhumane massacre against the Kurdish people.

What the fascist Saddam regime tried on Halabja was just another instance of Hitler’s fascism and the Nagasaki atomic bombardment. The mustard and Sarin chemical gases were thrown on the Kurds. Thousands of children, women, young and elderly people were brutally killed.

Neither the forces proclaiming themselves to represent socialism nor the ones representing capitalist modernity and backing the fascist Saddam regime showed any reaction against the merciless killing of the Kurds; thereby they registered their complicity in the barbarity deemed proper for the Kurds. After the massacre which was a full instance of genocide, thousands of Kurds, hungry and destitute, were forced to flee and take refuge in Iran and Turkey in what already meant another Halabja for them. When it came to the Kurds, a people’s most natural rights for life and freedom were being trampled on and dirty profits were valued above everything. But the Kurds held to resistance against all the harsh challenges without making any concession from their honor and freedom. Our people have suffered many massacres, exiles, and gallows in order to gain their freedom, and have epitomized a half-century-long resistance. In virtue of this resistance and by taking advantage of the favorable regional and international conditions, our people in South Kurdistan have achieved their freedom.

Colonialist forces can no longer deny the existence of the Kurds and hinder their freedom. Our people in North and South Kurdistan will achieve their freedom through bitter struggle and resistance, just as our people in South Kurdistan turned the Halabja and Anfal massacres into motives to liberate themselves and the people of Rojava have brought about the century’s most glorious revolution as a reaction against the inhumane policies of denial and annihilation. The present level of national consciousness, national unity and organization of the Kurdish people can rebut all the massacres, exile, and denial policies against them.

The people of Kurdistan will never forget the massacres of Halabja, Dersim, Zilan and the massacres in East Kurdistan. They will continue their struggle for the international recognition of each of these massacres as genocides and, thereby bring these historical barbarities to account.


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