Nusaybin Kurds Under Seige By Turkish Police

By Dr. Amy L. Beam:2013 amy beam headshot t

Nusaybin in southeast Turkey has been under siege from Turkish police. Inside of the city of Nusaybin (with many Kurdish residents), no one is allowed to leave his or her house. Even staying inside one’s house, no one can look out of a window for fear of being shot by Turkish forces.

One woman reported that her brother was shot in the street and left to bleed to death. Bodies are reported to be lying in the street. No one can go into the street to collect the dead bodies.

Turkey, Facebook, and Twitter are actively blocking news from Nusaybin.

Turkish Jandarma (soldiers) have moved into nearby Nusaybin refugee camp. They are occupying an empty block next to the four Yazidi blocks. An estimated 1000 troops, 20 Jandarma tanks, and 50 military police trucks are inside the camp.

The internet has been cut, but people can still use mobile phones. They are prohibited in the camp from taking photos. No one is allowed to leave the camp. Those who were outside of the camp are unable to return. The camp manager was home on his days off when violence erupted in the city of Nusaybin. He, also, cannot return to the camp.

The camp had run low on food, but delivery trucks of flour and vegetables were made to the camp grocery story.

Violent and deadly attacks against Kurdish civilians have also occurred in Silvan, Amed (Diyarbakir) and Sirnak. In Amed two Kurds are reported killed.

In Sirnak, still photos and a video were posted October 5 of an armored police truck dragging the body of Haci Birlik through the streets. Photos released from his autopsy show he was shot more than a dozen times. The video was taken from inside the police truck and a person on the recording can be heard saying “chok guzelle” which means “very beautiful” in Turkish.

In order to avert further violence in Turkey, which can potentially lead to all-out civil war and tear the country apart, it is urgent that the Turkish government identify, arrest, and charge those police who perpetrated these murders. The bigger question looms large as Turkey is judged by world opinion. Who has ordered and authorized these all-out attacks on Kurdish citizens? And who will stop them?

haci birlik killed by sirnak police

Haci Birlik, killed by Sirnak police

Sirnak man dragged to his death

Sirnak man dragged to his death

Dr. Amy L. Beam promotes tourism in eastern Turkey at Mount Ararat Trek and writes political and historical commentary on Kurds and Yezidis in Turkey and Kurdistan atKurdistan Tribune.  She has been reporting on the Yezidis since September 2014. Twitter @amybeam;

2 Responses to Nusaybin Kurds Under Seige By Turkish Police
  1. Amy L Beam
    October 5, 2015 | 22:44

    I lived in Sirnak, Turkey, until December 2014, when Turkey banned me. This is exactly why they don’t want foreigners there. They don’t want witnesses.

  2. guest
    October 14, 2015 | 21:38

    thx for reporting and stay safe. Hope u dont get urself into trouble. They seem to be allergic to truth, transperancy and journalists.

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