Kurds must unite to confront the threat from Baghdad

Human Capacity Development Scholars Statement:

Shivan Fazil

Group spokesperson Shivan Fazil

We, as young Kurdish scholars currently studying abroad – in the UK, the USA, Australia, Malaysia and other European countries – do emphasize that now, as ever, we are enthusiastically defending the natural rights of our nation and beloved Kurdistan. As sons and daughters of this nation we always remain sympathetic and ready to defend our nation’s cause. We ask our fellow youths back home to put aside their differences and unite their efforts in confronting the threats raised by the political and military aggression of the central Iraqi government towards our land and nation.

We strongly condemn the advancement of Iraqi military forces towards the disputed territories. In fact, the recent policies by Maliki’s government prove that this government is not different from the ousted Ba’ath Regime and is following the same chauvinistic policies towards the Kurdish nation. Hence, we believe it is time for the entire nation to stand behind our heroic Peshmarga forces while our politicians should start planning to solve the Kurdish issue without backing down on the legitimate demand of our nation, even if this demands military confrontation with the aggressive Iraqi troops. The Kurdish issue should be solved, once and for ever, because day after day the Iraqi army is getting stronger, making the Baghdad government more self-confident and assertive in violating the Kurdish rights.

We call on all Kurdish political parties, and Kurdish MPs in the Iraqi parliament and Kurdistan parliament, to put aside their differences and unite their political speeches against the hostilities of the central government towards our nation.  Unity and cooperation is what we, as Kurdish scholars and intellectuals expect, from our leaders, politicians, intellectuals and nation.

We believe that defending and protecting our homeland is the duty of every Kurdish individual, and the youths above all. We should not forget the sacrifice and achievements of the former generations which are the source of our current freedom and pride, and work hard to preserve and prosper these achievements. . We should be sympathetic and ready to sacrifice to make the coming generations proud of ourselves and the homeland.

Human Capacity Development Scholars, 21 November 2012, London UK

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6 Responses to Kurds must unite to confront the threat from Baghdad
    November 21, 2012 | 20:33


    Biji Kurdistan!

  2. Ari kader
    November 22, 2012 | 00:45

    I call on the young generation in all 4 parts to see the big picture KURDISTAN is not a dream like we have heard Mr, Jalal Talabani has
    mistakenly said in the past (( God,Ahuramazda,Allah,Yahuda ….)) with us

    • Interested
      November 29, 2012 | 23:19

      I wish you all luck on rebuilding your nation as well as preserving your culture and peace. All too often foreign powers manipulate and destroy societies that have stood for centuries. Perhaps Kurdistan and Tibet could be recognizes by the UN like Palestine and the Vatican.

  3. K.I.M.
    November 22, 2012 | 04:44

    President Barzani, president Talabani, president Nushirvan and leaders of all Kurdish political parties must unite and work on our independence!

    Remaining part of a contrived Iraq is merely squandering time and allowing central government getting stronger every day.

    Internal partisan feuds and discrepancies can be shelved and resolved at a later time!

    All Kurdish youths and students will definitely bear arms to defend their beloved country whenever necessary.

    Spokesman for Kurdistan Independence Movement ( K.I.M.)

  4. S. Omar
    November 24, 2012 | 16:11

    I am a Kurd but a Muslim first. I do not believe in partitioned nations. That is the legacy of Western meddling. I believe in a borderless territory where people can live and work together in peace and unity. It’s called Khalifah and Iran, Israel and the US (plus its little puppet allies) stand in the way. Islam is your salvation and if you are not religious or a Muslim then that does not bother me. What bothers me is how the Qur’an and the Hadith speak against tribalism, feudalism, nationalism and ethno-centricism and how many Muslims overlook this with their own pride. It is all a Western creation to divide us because those governments feel threatened by the fact that Islam stands against their dirty politics and agendas. They naturally have to divide us in order to control us.


  5. zana kurdistani
    December 6, 2012 | 00:42

    wll done dast xosh mr shevan

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