Erdogan denies concessions but ‘not opposed’ to talks with Ocalan

KT News:

Turkey’s PM Erdogan

Turkish prime minister Recep Erdogan today acknowledged the role of PKK leader Abdulla Ocalan in ending the hunger strike by thousands of Kurdish political prisoners while insisting that the government had made no concessions.

“We have not promised anything to Ocalan”, he told the Turkish newspaper Milliyet.

However, Erdogan also said he is not opposed to renewed talks between Ocalan and the Turkish intelligence agency. “We see nothing wrong in that”, he told reporters.

Ocalan is currently being allowed to see family members at his Imrali island prison and this weekend he conveyed a message through his brother calling for an end to the mass hunger strike – on the grounds that it had achieved its core objectives.

4 Responses to Erdogan denies concessions but ‘not opposed’ to talks with Ocalan
  1. Kurd
    November 21, 2012 | 00:37

    While I think the Turks have oppressed Kurds a lot over the decades, I honesty think we the Kurds also need to appreciate some of the compromises the current Turkish government is making. Don’t undermine the power of the military organization and its strong anti-Kurdish sentiment. Erdogan has managed to slowly weaken that sect. Can we at least agree the Turkish government has made more strides towards Kurdish rights in the last 5 years than have ever been done in the history of modern Turkey?

    • Cozen
      November 21, 2012 | 12:03

      If you ask a Turkish person if Kurds got rights in Turkey, they will say Yes! theres alot of lawmakers who are kurdish, they have kurdish tv channel. we had a kurdish prime minister etc. I’m sorry but thats no way near having even 30% of your rights. Most kurdish lawmakers are on a payroll and dont care about kurdish rights, the TRT6 kurdish channel is a joke and the prime minister got assainated.

  2. Free Kurdistan
    November 21, 2012 | 19:17

    What has changed was not due to turkish will but rather due to political pressure. This new dialogue it is just fake to win time and keep the Kurds calm during greater power rearangements in the middeal east. But this is the historic opportunity to press for their rights. I Don’t believe in real negotiations with the turkish state. Any past effort showed to just beeing winning time in special circumstances e.g.: election, syrian Kurdistan ….

  3. Ari kader
    November 22, 2012 | 10:50

    From reading what kurd, cozen and free kurdistan have said I came to see that my oppressor ,has come to the point of feeling it’s ugliness towards my People, but the point is this thing that tortures my People , has got 4 heads , we hope that the Turks,Arabs,Fars and the Arabs again ,do not see them selves in this ugliness,because we Kurds don’t want to hate them(( God,Ahuramazda,Allah,Yahuda …..)) with us

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