Kurdish parties must unite against Maliki

By Mufid Abdulla:

Iraq prime minister Maliki

Iraq prime minister Maliki

Since the July 2010 Iraq elections, during its second term in office, Nuri Maliki’s Dawa party has embarked on a dictatorial path, overriding several constitutional rules such as Article 140, and using all types of methods to suppress the case for the normalisation of Kirkuk city. As the crisis in Iraq – with everyday violence, assassinations, shortages of basic services and corruption – grows, Maliki’s ‘solution’ is to resort to the military powers that he has built up over recent years.

The pathway to despotism was through the trial of the former deputy prime minister Tariq Hashimi, now in Turkey, who was accused of treason and assisting terrorism. The trial was sponsored by Maliki and it found Hashimi guilty of involvement in murder and sentenced him to death.

Prime minister Maliki has created an environment in Baghdad and the south of Iraq where no one has real power apart from himself, reducing the status of all other politicians – including those in his own party – to that of kids playing games. Alas the Shia parties failed to utilise the opportunities they have had since 2003 although many observers believe there could be a move against Maliki, either from within the Dawa party or by the other Shia parties.

The latest scenario organised by the Maliki government is the creation of the Dijla army which comprises many former Baathist generals who worked closely with Saddam. They have come to Kirkuk under the pretext of protecting the security of the city. However, this force is in breach of the constitution and it has endangered Kirkuk’s already precarious security by increasing tensions between the city’s nationalities.

The Kurdistan Regional Government and its president have responded by warning the Maliki government of consequences if the Dijla forces go any deeper into the province. However, when the power is held by naive people such as Maliki they will never consider history. Maliki and his party have not studied the history of past regimes that fought with the Kurds.

Iraq needs a leader to uphold the constitution. Iraq needs a leader to preserve law and order and maintain good relations with its neighbours. Iraq needs a leader to help the process of construction and investment. Iraq needs a leader who can attract talented intellectuals from abroad. Maliki needs to go home and attend to his state of mind and health.

In the face of Maliki’s aggression, which has served to destabilise the economy, the Kurdish parties must be united. They must block all attempts by Maliki’s party to further damage relations between Baghdad and Erbil .The president of Kurdistan has taken a step in the right direction in his handling of  this latest crisis. Gorran’s quick support for the Mayor of the city of Kirkuk was another correct step. The Kurdish parties should speak with one voice against the Maliki government and use all political tools to end this new type of dictatorship in Iraq.

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