Blind, deaf and dumb faith and billions of missing links

By Dr F R Hilmi:

The biggest argument against the existence of God is the fact that we cannot see or sense him and what we know about religion’s God is based on blind faith and ancient tales we are warned against questioning or disbelieving or even asking for evidence to support. Then a man called Darwin comes on the scene and carries out a scientific expedition to study the origins of species which leads him to his renowned and famous theory of evolution and gradually this theory becomes almost a fourth religion with Darwinians insisting on its correct conclusions and those who had doubts about God or found the new religion suiting their political and commercial aims to the ground started peddling it in an even more active way than any Jewish, Christian or Muslim priest.

Instead of Minarets and Church towers this new religion has thousands of satellite TV stations promoting the ideas without the slightest questioning of the verses of the Holy Book by the name of “Origin of Species”, casting anyone who raises the slightest question or doubt to oblivious isolation, metaphorically speaking.

In fact the new religion which has been coined not in the first century A.D but 19 centuries later has far more flaws and unexplained failures of logic when you come to examine it from a purely logical sense coupled with natural observations of species and the mysterious evolution across species. I shall point to just a few of the many.

We are told by Darwinians that life began as a single cell and evolved into millions of species, all at different stages of evolution and some of the cells miraculously reached the form of the most intelligent, upright, walking, thinking, planning and talking man, while others are still in forms which cannot be called life-forms yet, such as viruses and other tiny or tinier organisms.

No one can tell us why these most primitive cells are still being produced and from what. One could say natural materials such as vegetation, water, heat, gases and chemicals conspire or plan and design these cells and have done so and will continue to do so for ever and that is why we have them around as life goes by. But that idea has one unexplained flaw which I can think of and that is the fact that the natural world must exists and its laws of interaction, chemistry, physics and all the natural physical processes and interactions must exist for that part of the theory to be true. And of course that destroys the theory that evolution is the work of the cell since the cell must have a creator which is nature in all its glory.

Once we realise this we must also accept the possibility that the creation of life is the greatest aspect of natural processes and since we know that cells carry DNA blueprints we must assume that the blueprint is also the work of the natural laws and therefore the whole process of evolution, if that is what you must call it, is determined, not by the cell, but by a power and a process far more intelligent than the DNA which comes with all living cells. That leads us to the question: Who or what created the natural materials, objects and laws governing them long before the creation of the living cell. We know the solar system consists of similar spherical objects of different sizes and that there are billions of such systems around the universe. Can we therefore assume that these huge spherical objects also evolved from each other and that in the beginning there was a cellular sphere continuously revolving around itself which started evolving?

From the start Darwinism presents its theory based on observations of certain aspects of life spans, metamorphoses occurring during the life spans of some species, of which the most interesting and mind-boggling one is the combination of male sperm and female egg and the process of evolution which takes place from a single embryo (not a cell) to a fully grown baby. This process does seem to go through stages where the growing embryo resembles some other small creatures until the baby starts developing arms and legs and other vital organs but there is proof that the so-called long-term evolution is not possible over centuries or millennia for lack of continuity of the process and the delicate care and conditions required such as those found in the womb. Thus, for a species to evolve across ages, we need to slow down the embryo process so that each tiny change will occur over centuries and the species will need to be taken from one womb to another to continue the delicate and complex process. Either that, or very complex processes have to be stored somewhere and restarted somewhere else over a long time span or the process is under the control of a supervisor to say the least making sure schedules are met, materials are made available and correct sequences observed.

We know that babies are not found in the bush but created through the process of reproduction requiring male and female creatures of the right age and one of the oldest process of reproduction has to occur before we can hope that impregnation is complete and a baby is expected. That is definitely the only way the young of any species that has the male and female genders is produced. No one has ever observed a single solitary cell turning into a human being or any pair of the same species giving birth to the young of a new species. No one can imagine that.

There is no denying the fact that some very close species could interbreed but that is husbandry and not evolution in the Darwinian sense. Also no one denies the fact that a creature can to a certain extent adapt itself to its environment and that also does not constitute an inter-speacies evolution.

Darwinism suggests that an entirely new species such as Man can be born in stages of apes or some “missing link” creature that has itself long since disappeared and I leave it to the reader to provide the answer to the following question: The “missing link” or the expected Christ and the “awaited Mahdi” in the Shiite faith of Islam are hardly scientific ideas and a “scientific” theory such as Darwinism is discredited by using such notions. The question is: If mankind needs a missing link to show a creature which is both man and ape, then every single species with male and female sexes must also have missing links. Why is there none to be found of any of these species?

As a systems scientist and long-time programmer I know this is nearly impossible to do when we are coding a computer for we would need to pass not only the code but also the programming skills and knowhow to continue the evolution of the code and we would need networks which will coordinate the codes on different machines to work together and somehow finish a meaningful and bug-free program which will then nee to be installed in an independent computer to work and carry out its job. But we know we do not possess such communal networking facilities imbedded inside us.

With Darwinism we are asked to believe that different creatures at different stages of their evolution behave as a community, using direct or wireless communication to tell each other what the next stage of evolution will be and when that will take place. We are asked to believe that a species as a whole evolves together without any communication, planning or intelligence – and this is even more far fetched than any religious nonsense we are asked to believe.

Let us examine a few facts which will shed light upon what is really going on. We know that at the current stage of evolution mankind will disappear if one of the sexes disappears. We also know that without the existence of the womb and human organs for reproduction there would be no humans at all. Thus, at some point, someone created a male and female species of mankind for this species to have started reproducing. Both genders must have been present together on earth for a human embryo to have started and grown in a perfect human female womb. Technology did not exist at the time, since man who created it did not exist.

Now let us assume that a totally unexpected process occurred and a fully-grown male species occurred for some unexplained reason. We would still need a fully-grown female human to begin the reproduction process. The idea that monkeys or apes led to mankind still requires this fantastic step to start reproduction and, in fact, all mammals would require such step. As to other species we see that the male / female duo are absolutely vital. Evolution therefore requires two cells to conspire to turn into male and female because of somehow knowing they need this pairing to propagate and that is the world of deliberate external design and cannot be explained by chance and dumb brainless cells.

Thus the idea that God does not exist because cells can evolve into creatures and animals is not a valid one. It is in fact a very common misapplication of logic where two parts of a proposition do not belong to each other and where the premise and the conclusion do not belong to the same proposition.

Most importantly, even if we assume that an ape female gave birth to a modified copy of herself as well as provide a modified male copy of her male partner for the creation of a copy of themselves, that can be called man or missing link, to procreate and survive it must have both male and female parents at the same time. Thus, evolution of this kind, if it exists, is not and cannot be a long process and we ought to see it very often occurring all around us. However all species on earth have remained stubbornly the same since the beginning of life. There simply are a vast number of species but all share one common aspect. The aspect of fulfilling their special type of birth, growing up, procreation, adulthood, a certain degree of intelligence proportional to their roles in life, and death occurs within reasonably short life spans by comparison to time.

Those who have discarded their religions for the fourth one should not rejoice too soon, for their new religion is even more flawed and far more dangerous. The danger lies in the fact that Darwinism sides with Freudianism and Machiavellianism in an attempt to wipe off all moral and human values off which at least the others do not. Under the guidelines of these three philosophies every kind of evil and criminal behaviour can be justified. All moral and human principles will be branded old fashioned, archaic or backward to be replaced by the modern “liberal” values and pound of flesh style commercialism. The dividing line between right and wrong become fuzzier to allow opportunistic interpretation of action and make them subjective. Right, under Darwinism, becomes that which I decide, and not according to any traditional human or any recognised values. This trend can be observed in every action by modern-day politicians and political war-mongers and arms-lords.

The new high priests of Darwinism are in many ways the modern day equivalent of Henry the Eighth who changed people’s perception of Christianity to suit his own primitive instincts. They started, just like he did, with the deployment of basic desires in justifying “sexual liberalism” founding the movement on Freudianism who believed that humans were but advanced apes that need to satisfy their basic primitive desires and fetishes. Our modern day Henrys also adopted the strategy that only what we say is the truth and all must submit to us. Just like Henry they too loaded their new ideas with many other justifiable and unjustifiable edicts such as Women’s Rights and Freedom of Speech on the one hand and other not-so-worthy causes to pass through parliaments to make into law.

Had people not been so brainwashed with the new religion no one could justify the evil criminal wars waged in the past two decades, or even the two great wars of the twentieth century, Vietnam and so on. Bush, Obama and Blair all claim that they are church-going Christians but condoned and still condone Drone attacks on human life everywhere and justify killing millions in wars initiated by these Darwinist Christians. No true Christian or believer in God could ever find excuses for such slaughtering of mankind without remorse or regret.

We have had three blind-faith religions for over 1500 years but the fourth, which is fairly new, is indeed unique in its blind, deaf and dumb nature.

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2 Responses to Blind, deaf and dumb faith and billions of missing links
  1. kuvan
    November 13, 2012 | 23:16

    Thanks Dr for the brilliant informative article.I see purpose and design in everything that exist in this world therefore it is hard for me to believe that this whole universe has come to be randomly and for no reason .

    I believe there is creator or a power behind the creation but I in all honesty do not know how that creator looks like or where he is or how he is like.Dfiffrent religion describe that creator in different ways and attribute to him/her or it different names and adjectives but the problem is they can not present solid evidence to back up their claims so that people can choose which religion has the right claim about the description of God.

    I personally have reached to one conclusion which is ,to do good things as much as you can and avoid and minimize doing wrongs and then if there is God ,judgment day , retribution and reward,than God by its concept and definition must be a fair judge and will hopefully judge you based on your actions whether it be good or bad.

  2. Dilar
    November 14, 2012 | 15:55

    The author seems to have a flawed understanding of evolution, probably based on superficial lecture. Every single evolutionary scientist acknowledges that the theory is in constant development. Especially the final part about the morality of evolution is strikingly inadequate. Have you ever read Darwin’s views on ethics? Probably not, because then you would know how so-called Social Darwinism is a complete misunderstanding of Darwin’s theory. A proper understanding of evolution does not suggest selfish behavior, but in fact promotes altruism and a humane kind of understanding of oneself, other people, and nature! I recommend a reading of Carl Sagan’s work.

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