KT news briefing, 20th March 2014

Shahrstani: Iraq will monitor KRG oil fieldsKurdish oil

Hussein Shahrstani, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, has stated that Baghdad has proposed a new initiative to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to solve the dispute over oil revenue. Shahrstani said that the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, together with the KRG’s Natural Resources ministry, can install a new system to monitor the amount of oil products each field has on a daily basis. He added that Iraqi Government will monitor the borders through a satellite monitoring system to track the exports by oil tankers to neighboring countries. (Iraqi TV)

Peshmerge forces go on strike in Erbil

A number of Peshmerge forces went on strike this week in Erbil due to salary delays. The strikers assembled in front of the Ministry of Peshmerge’s headquarters in Erbil and urged officials to solve their problems. They have submitted a list of demands including the payment of monthly pensions they have been deprived of for over 7 months, stating that otherwise they will disassociate themselves from the Peshmerge forces. (KNN)

Shabak Kurds faces ethnic cleansing in Mosul

The Shabak Kurds who live in the Mosul plains, in the areas between Erbil and Mosul, have faced assassinations and threats by insurgent groups since 2003. The Mosul police department has announced that in the last two weeks five Shabak Kurds in Mosul were killed in two different places. Shabak political activists say they have been targeted due to both their ethnic background and religion, since a majority of them are Shias.  The activists said that since 2003 thousands of Shabaks have been killed through assassinations, car bombs and kidnappings. The Shabak areas are considered as disputed areas by Erbil and Baghdad. (xendan, KT)

Demirtash: Kurds will win major municipalities on 30th March

Salahadeen Demirtash, leader of the major Kurdish party in Turkey, has affirmed to Kurdish voters that his party’s candidates will win the major cities in Turkey’s municipal elections on 30th March. Demirtash said that Amed, Wan, Merdin and Riha are BDP strongholds and he promised that the BDP will develop agricultural projects in those cities to help reduce unemployment rates. Demirtash, who wore a PKK style uniform, warned the Turkish Government that Kurds in Turkey will not step back. (Firat News, KT)

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