KT news briefing, 13th March 2014

PUK MP: KRG’s public employee payment crisis will continue

Ezat Ismail MP

Ezat Ismail MP

Kurdistan Parliament member Ezat Ismail, PUK fraction, has said that the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) financial crisis will continue for years as government deficit is skyrocketing each year. The MP said that, even if Baghdad sends the money that’s due every month, the KRG still can’t afford to meet the payments and will need loan. At the same time, the Kurdistan Contractors Union warned KRG officials that the payment crisis that will jeopardize the future of investment projects. The Union stated that KRG’s current obligation in unpaid salaries already exceeds $1 billion. (GKSAT, KT)

Government officials paid, public employees not

As the KRG’s financial crisis deepens to the extent that that the government can’t afford public pensions and the monthly salaries of public employees, KRG Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani has ordered the ministry of finance to suspend high level officials’ monthly salaries until other employees get paid. But a source from the ministry of finance has said that all of the high level government officials have in fact received their salaries while majority of public employees have not.

Halabja residents warn the KRG

The Halabja committee for establishing the new governorate project has warned KRG’s officials against further delay in recognizing the city as a new province within the KRG’s jurisdiction. The committee consists of local government officials, NGOs, journalists and residents. The committee urged the KRG’s prime minister and the president to honor their commitments to finalize the legal procedures about Halabja and provide a special budget for the city to initiate its plan toward its development. The committee has said that, if KRG officials don’t respond to their demands, they will boycott the March 16 commemoration event and move towards a public strike.

One Response to KT news briefing, 13th March 2014
  1. kurd
    March 13, 2014 | 15:13

    More than two decades the KRG’s officials have not been able to resolve the basic problems of the Kurdish people, now; delay in salary is another issue, but this is a big crisis and it will be very serious if it continues…
    On the one hand the officials of the Kurdistan Region claim to found the Kurdish independent state, on the other, they cannot pay salary their employees in government…
    And finally this issue will may terminate the power of slaves are now ruling the Kurdish society … if it remains this economic crisis for a long time.
    Hunger is a thing that moves the world. Freud said that.

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