KRG security forces on alert for uprising anniversary

News from The Kurdistan Tribune:

Militia in Sulaymani  during 2011 uprising

Militia in Sulaymani during 2011 uprising

The Kurdistan Region’s security officers are on alert on the eve of the anniversary of the uprising of 17 February. Demonstrations have already begun in Ranya and Halabja. In the city of Sulaymani, noticeable forces are moving from the centre to other places in the city in response to messages by oppositionists on Facebook stating that there will be a demonstration on Friday.

The local PUK commander has threatened the offices of the KIU, telling them that if there is any demonstration in the city, local security forces will attack their offices in retaliation.

Overall the people are very concerned. One year has passed since the uprising and nothing has been done in respect of the people’s demands. The state killers of 21 demonstrators are still walking the streets of Kurdistan.

Today a convoy from Sulaymani (organised the organisation Wellatparez, which is supporting the PKK leader Abdulla Ocalan) was refused permission to enter the city of Erbil.

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