Joe Biden and the Kurds

President Biden

By Ahmed Hawarami:

Biden is the US President closest to and most knowledgeable of the Kurds. He is the most sympathetic political character to the cause of the Kurdish people. Eighteen years ago, when he was an American Senator, he visited Kurdistan in 2002, before the fall of Saddam and the US invasion. He stated in front of the Kurdistan Parliament that “It is not only the mountains that are the friend of the Kurds, but we too are also the friend of the Kurds. You have shown to the whole world that you are capable of governing yourselves.”

Israeli newspapers have analysed that the Kurds in the south of Kurdistan have placed a lot of hope in the new American President and believe that Biden is the closest American President to the Kurds. The same newspapers believe that it is in Biden admiration interests to solve the Kurdish issue in the south of Kurdistan due to the strategic and ideological and economic factors, aside from the fact the Kurds are the group most trusted by the American in the Iraqi complexities. The question is whether America’s future plans in the area can be disrupted the three states of Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. With the arrival of Joe Biden and departure of Trump’s populism there will be big changes inside and outside America. The whole world is waiting for Biden to bring US to the world stage by leading the world like before the Trump era. The change will not only affect the whole USA and others in respect of security and the military but for the Kurds this is a significant change because he is the most powerful character in relation to the Middle East in general and the Kurdish issue specifically. Joe Biden’s first Middle East appointment was Brett McGurk as the White House Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa. This time McGurk coming from the White House to the Middle East with more power and authority. Brett McGurk is a friend of the Kurds and had good influence in the protection of the Kurds in Rojava. He supported the Kurds in their fight against ISIS in Kobani. Consequently, one of Erdogan’s adviser criticized McGurk, claiming that he was working against Turkey. Political observers have indicated that with the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House, the future of Turkey will not be easy. One of the Turkish newspapers reported that Joe Biden’s team did not reply to Erdogan’s congratulations letter. By Turkish principle, if any country be a friend with Kurds that means it is an enemy of Turkey, even though the KRG is friendly with Turkey.

If the US is supporting the Kurds in the Middle East, then Turkey will stand against Nato. Noam Chomsky an American linguist and philosopher said in one of his seminars at Rojava’s University that Rojava is in a big complex situation with the threat from Turkey and Syria and asked how can Rojava can be saved from the plots of Syria and Turkey. The experience of Rojava has proved that the world supports that model of democracy and Rojava needs to pressure Biden to confirm the protection of the people of Rojava. American foreign policies are based on American institutions which will not be change but we must bear in mind that the US political system based of two factors. First: to protect American interests. Second: to protect US national security. Obviously, Biden has top knowledge on the Kurds, but the Kurds must lobby for their cause in the US.

Ahmed Hawarami is a retired teacher from the city of Sulimany. He is also a writer and political analyst and has columns with several different websites in which he is very critical of the current situation in the south of Kurdistan.

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