Congress of Opposition Voices in the South of Kurdistan Issues New Statement

KT News:

Some of those detained in the south of Kurdistan

The Congress of Opposition Voices movement in the South of Kurdistan has issued a statement addressed to the President of Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Parliament and the Iraqi Parliament and to all foreign embassies in Erbil, calling on them to intervene to stop the brutal repression by KDP and PUK forces of peaceful demonstrations in the south of Kurdistan. The Congress of Opposition Voices movement was founded in 2020. A wave of peaceful demonstrations began last July 2020, led by the Congress of Opposition Voices movement, calling for reform in the government and the High Court of Justice to bring corrupted officials to trial and to pay the wages of civil servants. The statement issued on 30 January says:

“More than 75 political activists including teachers and other civil servants in the Dhok, Erbil and Sulaymani areas have been kidnapped by the forces of KDP and PUK and 36 of them have their lives in danger due to their condition. The courts in Suly city and Erbil by means of false confessions have attempted to force them into false convictions in order to convict them with the old Iraqi law and submit them to court for violence and acts of terrorism; for which their punishment is to be jailed for between 5 to 20 years. In reality, the theme of all the peaceful demonstrations in the cities and town of Kurdistan is to ask for political reform, for corrupted officers and leaders to be brought to trial, for reform of the judicial system and in all cases, they are subjected to brutal force by the two parties, KDP and PUK.”

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