Iranian Mullahs Should Face Justice for Atrocities Against Their Own People

By Arian Mufid:

During the Second World War, Hitler’s atrocities were carried out by tens of thousands of war criminals and in the end some of them were brought to the Nuremberg court in 1945 and sentenced according to their crimes. The Israeli state later captured some who escaped justice at Nuremberg, bringing them to face Israeli judicial law. What is going on in Iran and the many atrocities needs to be addressed by the courts with justice. What the Iranian Mullahs have done in Syria, Iraq and Yemen has utterly wasted the wealth of a generation for the sake of narrow-minded Pan-Shiaism. The Iran-Iraq war for 8 years caused the Iranian nation the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, leaving millions injured, and wasted major resources which were needed for rebuilding Iran after the collapse of the Shah’s regime in 1979.

Iranian intervention and atrocities in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are a symbol of a terrorist state eager to expand and export their Islamic fundamentalism all over the world. The most notorious jail in Iran is Evin which was built by the Shah in the 1970s. Two weeks ago there was a major fire there, following a protest by the prisoners at the bad conditions inside the jail. The incident at Evin Jail is reminiscent of the deadly fire at Cinema Rex in Abadan in 1978, which ultimately lead to the uprising that forced the Shah to leave Iran.

The Iranian Regime is on the edge of collapse and the people’s revolution should bring the perpetrators to justice for the atrocities they have committed against the rights of the Iranian people for the last 43 years.

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