Iran United and Mullahs Falling

By Arian Mufid:

The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) represents an Islamic model of totalitarianism and torture. Its history is littered with criminal activities such as assassinations and kidnappings of its opponents both inside and outside Iran since 1979.

There has been little regard internationally for the regime’s persistent human rights violations identified by outside observation, Ethnic minorities such as Kurds, Arabs, Azeris and Baluchis are not allowed to study in their own language. In January 2022 the IRI sentenced a young teacher Zara Mohammad to five years in jail for teaching children the Kurdish language. In July 2022 Shler Rasuli, a resident of Mariwan, committed suicide because she did not let an Iranian Security officer rape her. She died after six days unconscious in hospital. In the capital of the east of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, people began protests, and thousands took to the street.

The most recent death of 22-year-old Miss Zhina Amini from Saqiz, East of Kurdistan, has created political tidal waves amongst Iran’s citizens. Zhina died as the result of bad treatment at the hands of the police in the city of Tehran. because she broke the code of headscarfs and did not adhere to ‘properly’ covering her head. Miss Amini was on holiday visiting Tehran accompanied by her family. She suffered a brain haemorrhage as a result of the torture and inhumane conditions in the vehicle in which she was detained.

Those that were with Zhina told the local opposition news that Zhina died due to the use of torture while she was taken to the police station (Wazyria Police station).

She passed away on 16th of September and her funeral took place in her place of birth on the 17th Sept with attendance by thousands of people. Zhina’s mother Muzhgan Amini told reporters that her daughter died because of the torture by the security police of IRI. Zhina Amini’s death has become a symbol of Kurdish suffering at the hands of the Iranian police state and resistance.

The president of Iran, Raisi, contacted Zhina’s father, but this does not mitigate the circumstances. An unprecedented uprising and continuing protests are to continue in at least 51 towns and cities of Iran. According to a report by the Human rights organisation, Hangaw, on the 24th of September the following Kurdish cities were on strike; Elam ,Audana, Malakshahi, Kermansha, Rawansar, Jwanrow, Pawer, Kamiran, Sinnandaj, Diwandara, Krwa, Mariwan, Saqiz, Bana, Diwlan, Bijar, Piranshahar, Zardash, Peranshahr, Bokan, Tekab, Urumiya, Aushnamia and Kotol.

Sources close to KT confirmed that the casualties from killings and injuries have reached the thousands. At least 42 of the people killed are women and 24 of them are children. Around 500 people have been kidnapped by the security police (Pasdaran) in the Kurdistan area. The confrontation between the people of Kurdistan and Mullahs has been building for some time.

The death of Zhina ignited the revolution all over Iran and it became the aspiration and motive of young men and women to rise up against the Mullahs’ regime in Iran. The demonstrations and uprising spread to Iranian cities and towns to condemn the police state and the murder of Zhina Amini. The voice of protesters has spread to most of the cities of Iran such as Tehran, Hamadan, Kazwin, Tabriz, Mashhad, Shiraz and Sari. The protesters are shouting “Death to Khomenini”, photos of Khomeini are being burnt. All universities are closed on the pretext of bad weather. Most of the students in the University of Shahid Beheshti and the medical school of Tabriz came out to support the rest of the people on the street. The Uprising continues, and the streets of Iranian cities and towns are burning. The European Union denounced the Iranian Regime for the treatment of Zhina Ameni. Voices inside the government came out against the IRI. Mahdi Carobi condemned the killing of Zhina Amini and in his statement stated that the whole of Iran cannot be sacrificed because of one compulsory rule concerning covering the heads of women. Furthermore, reformist Iranian cleric Hussain Mosawi issued a statement and condemned the killing of women and children. He asked government forces to join the people. Faiza Rafsanjani, the daughter of a founder of the Islamic revolution, has been arrested for motivating women to take to the streets.

The actors and filmmakers inside and outside Iran are all united to condemn the current rulers of Iran.

The chaotic events of the last sixteen days raise several questions.

The people of Iran are asking to reclaim their revolution which Ayatollah Khomeini stole from them in 1979. The Kurds in Kurdistan and Arabs in Khuzestan have expressed staunch support for a United Iran to topple the Iranian mullahs. The people of Iran need a Pluralist Democracy to return to their “glory days” of dignity and prosperity. The uprising has the leaders on the ground. The position of the President of IRI is weakened day after day as more people join the protesters on the streets all over Iran. Moreover, the IRI’s political stock is in freefall. Although the son of the old monarch, Mohammed Raza Shah, has raised his voice in support of the Iranian people and their protests, it is important to note that people’s priority is to get rid of the Mullahs and establish a pluralist system. Today’s uprising in Iran has no precedent in its scope in contemporary Iranian politics. Most of the protesters are young women and men. The world is changing, and the Iranian people are responding to these changes. They want their country back. And they want their rights respected and for them to regain their reputation in the outside world.

There is a fragile mood among IRI rulers. Iran needs a credible leader who can take this revolution of people forward and capitalise on the energies of all the generations in Iran. This is a crucial moment for the people of Iran, but victory is not yet assured. The current situation in Iran needs an exceptional level of leadership. Iranians don’t want fantasy politics and economics: they want freedom.

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