KCK: Hüda-Par is as much Muslim as ISIS is

By the KCK Co-Presidency:

Yasin Özel and Barış Dalmış were killed in clashes with Hüda-Par in Cizre; Pic - ANF

Yasin Özel and Barış Dalmış were killed by Hüda-Par gunmen in Cizre; Pic – ANF

To our People and the Public Opinion

The AKP administration and its paramilitary force, Hüda-Par, are continuing their armed attacks on our people in Silopi, Gever (Yuksekova), and particularly Cizre. Special police and military forces open fire on our people from the positions they have taken within the buildings belonging to Hüda-Par. Under police supervision, the paramilitary forces of Hüda-Par are carrying out attacks against the people. Till now, a lot of patriots have been injured; two people have fallen martyr, one of them a child. The bloody attacks have been launched by the police and military forces of the AKP administration and the paramilitary forces of Hüda-Par.

If there is a provocation in question, the AKP administration is its mastermind and practitioner. As for Hüda-Par, it is only a front organization. Hüda-Par, which has the blood of hundreds of patriot Kurds on its hands, is spuriously and grimily committing these atrocities and brutalities under the name of Islam, just as ISIS does. They personate themselves as Muslims; they are lying. Hüda-Par is as much Muslim as ISIS is. The visual and print media of Hüda-Par are making broadcasts round-the-clock, conflict mongering, provoking and openly threatening the people.  It is clear that Hüda-Par is being heartened by the AKP administration as it used to serve the same during the 1990s. Therefore, Hüda-Par is nothing but the paramilitary
force of colonial policies.

Hüda-Par is the legal continuation of Hizbullah’s legacy. In an attempt to eliminate the Kurds and their basic freedom rights, the Hizbullah committed a lot of crimes in complicity with the Turkish state against the Kurds. Having paid no price for freedom and democracy struggle, Hüda-Par, as a continuation of Hizbullah, has returned to old practices, attacking the freedom and democracy struggle of the Kurdish people. Hüda-Par has no other merits other than these crimes . The Kurds should know inside out of this paramilitary group with its criminal record full of dark events.

The AKP administration should know very well that its support is essential for Hüda-Par’s existence. The AKP administration should stop supporting and using ISIS in Rojava and Hüda-Par in Bakur (North Kurdistan) against the freedom movement.  Nothing can be more dirty and dangerous than the AKP’s use of Hüda-Par to nurture enmity against the Kurds.

Our people should act sensibly, raise their struggle and develop their own self-defense measures against the forces against freedom and democracy.

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