How to end this war against Kurdistan?

By Hawkar Jabbar Kandinawy:

After September 11th 2001, a war was declared against terrorism, in which al-Qaida represented terrorism. What al-Qaida in the past wanted to gain in the Middle East, ISIS is gaining today. It is establishing a caliphate in the Middle East. By having a ‘heaven’, it has ground from which to strengthen itself.

Al-Qaeda’s three strategic aims are:

  • Drive the U.S. from the Muslim world
  • Destroy Israel
  • Create a jihadist caliphate in the Middle East

Everyone should understand the significance of al-Qaida’s third aim and that today ISIS seeks to control land and peoples. ISIS uses irregular forces, and employs terrorist, insurgent tactics, but its strategy is a classic offensive one: conquer, defeat and control.

ISIS uses the same plan as that of al-Qaida after they were expelled from Afghanistan, which was to make a ‘ground heaven’ in Pakistan from which to threaten the government in Afghanistan and strengthen their power. Today ISIS tries to establish their state between Iraq and Syria by a classic offensive: conquer, defeat and control.

Al-Qaida tried to do this in Iraq, but they could not do so. Since then ISIS has benefited from the situation in Syria and linked Syrian and Iraqi territories to establish their caliphate

Unfortunately, willingly or unwillingly, Kurds must participate and play their role in this war until the finish. We have to do so because, advancing from Syria and Iraq, Kurdistan is a part of the ISIS strategy.

Kurds should prepare themselves completely for this war because it is going to be a long-term conflict, and one that follows strategies that have been pursued by other countries that have dealt with terrorism directly as the initial part of war.

The main problem that challenges the Kurdistan region is the weakness of our government, the corruption and injustices. Therefore, the Kurdistan region should find partners in fighting ISIS to strengthen its ability to fight ISIS to the finish. The closest partner now is the Iraqi government, regardless of how it is. Iran has also been the first cointry in Iraq to play a role against ISIS, regardless of Iran’s perspective towards the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Turkey should be warned to develop a policy against ISIS and help the KRG. The USA and European must be pressed for more intelligence and military cooperation with the KRG, and to empower the Peshmarga with weapons and training and so boost Peshmarga morale.

Moreover, we need our media to promote national, rather than party, interests as they deal with a war situation. In addition, action is needed to prevent crises such as water and petrol shortages and to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the disputed areas.

Another part of the strategy should be to target those who are collaborating with ISIS in the disputed areas, to make them understand that, if they are not against ISIS, this means the KRG is not able to protect them or let them stay there.

Besides this, we should also have a special program to promote tolerance and peace, especially with those who are collaborating with the people of Kurdistan.

As we know, the war will end in one of three ways:

  1. One side will be defeated.
  2. One side will surrender and declare they do not want this war to continue.
  3. The last option is a joint decision for a ceasefire and cessation to the war – which will not work with terrorist groups like ISIS.

The Kurds should know that they have one option, which to defeat ISIS in the areas near to Kurdistan territory, with political, military and social strategies.


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