Current Affairs in Kurdistan


By Dr. Sherzad Al-Khalifa:

There are a great deal of events happening in the whole region and very fast. Of course most people from the Middle East unfortunately believe in conspiracy theories and read about the events that they face either as fate (God’s doing!) – therefore, nothing can be done about it – or they read into it all sort of strange assumptions. Let us talk about what is happening now in this area. Someone was asking me about this, asking if Turkey and Iraq planned all this to destroy the Kurdistan region and also asking me why all Europe are now helping Kurdistan?  And, of course, most Arabs think this is a conspiracy by the US and Israel to create a Kurdish nation, etc. This is very far from the truth of the matter.

The US and the Western counties are helping the Kurds now because they are very worried about the fast movement of IS (Islamic State, etc.) as they now have strong influence from Aleppo in the north of Syria, near the Mediterranean Sea in the west to Khanaquin and the Iranian border in the east. And because hundreds of young, stupid Arab and other immigrants in European countries started to come to Syria and now Iraq to join in this murderous organization: these European countries are very worried that some of these people will return to Europe and cause terrorist acts. The other reason why the US and European countries are worried is because they do not want an Islamic murderous state in the shape of the Taliban in Afghanistan to be established so near southern Europe. There are the reasons why they are almost panicked and have started to give help in providing arms and other support.

I think the West or the US would never have given military help to the Kurds if, say, the Iraqi army or the Turkish army was attacking Kurdistan, even if there were huge civilian casualties. This is the reality of politics. In fact there is a name for it in English: “Realpolitik “.

The definition of REALPOLITIK is policy based on practical objectives rather than on ideals.

If the Kurdish government is clever, they must use this incredible help to strengthen their system of government and become stronger politically and militarily for the future. No one will help the Kurds if they (the external power) do not have real interests in doing so.

Dr. Sherzad Al-Khalifa is a senior academic who worked from 1985 to 2010 at the School of Engineering, Warwick University, UK and as Director of Research at Duhok University from 2010 to 2012. He is now back in the UK as an Emeritus Fellow.

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