Gorran’s stony silence does not help form the new government

By Mufid Addulla:

5 months after the people's vote, there is still no new  government

5 months after the people’s vote, there is still no new government

More than five months after the parliamentary elections, there is still no new government in the south of Kurdistan. It is clear that the two ruling parties’ main agenda is about excluding the Gorran movement, which came second in the elections, from positions of real power. Media reports indicate that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) are very reluctant to give the interior ministry to Gorran because they consider that post to be too sensitive.

This is a scandal, displaying their contempt for the people who voted for change and are now demanding a quick end to the political vacuum. It must be the best example yet of the immaturity of the two ruling parties and it shows how they are weaker than the opposition, despite all their advantages of money and personnel. However, Gorran must realise that this is not a political theatre: this is reality and the party should not make the same mistake as in 2011, when it reduced the significance of the public uprising to zero in pursuit of its own political game.

What the two old ruling parties are currently doing is nothing but a silent theft of power. The Gorran leaders’ silent response to this impasse is not an act of courage but precisely the opposite. Over the last five months the people have suffered from the political vacuum. If the Gorran movement strategists are serious about preventing another month of delays in the formation of the government, they have plenty of powerful arguments to make their case. The three main opposition parties must rise to KDP-PUK challenge as they present themselves as the forces of change. The opposition forces are letting time pass without results and should not allow this situation to continue.

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