Gorran leader : ‘The ruling parties have no will for reform’

News from The Kurdistan Tribune:

Last night the KNN TV station interviewed Nawshirwan Mustafa, the leader of Gorran, on several issues and, in response to one question, he said that the two ruling parties have so far shown no will to implement reforms. However, he confirmed that there is now a ‘normal relationship’  between the opposition and the ruling parties. Nawshirwan said that this is because the ruling parties’ previous heavy-handed tactics have cost them a lot politically.

He also affirmed that that, if the political parties have a united political stance on all Kurdistan’s issue, that will make our position much stronger and nobody can defeat us.

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One Response to Gorran leader : ‘The ruling parties have no will for reform’
  1. Salar Ahmad
    January 5, 2012 | 19:38

    Nor does Goran. Where is Goran’s election vows? KDO got Goran involved in the ongoing corruption. There is no genuine political party in South Kurdistan that strives to cure corruption plague.

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