‘113 Children Tortured’ by Turkish State This Year: Universal Children’s Day Report

KT News:

Turkey’s Human Rights Association (İHD) has released a report on Universal Children’s Day, 20th November, highlighting violations of children’s right by the Turkish state and society. Here are a few quotes from translations provided by bianet and ANF

Children in custody

İHD stated that abuse, rape and violence cases are routine in juvenile prisons.

“According to all the applications submitted to our association and media coverage, 49 children were tortured in prison and 64 under police detention between 1 January 2014 and 19 November 2014”.

“The Ministry of Justice, the Directorate General of Prisons and officials at children’s prisons are ignoring all applications regarding harassment, violence and rape in prisons”.

“In the same period, 360 children have detained in various demonstrations and incidents. Among these, 59 were arrested and 42 were injured”.

“They are killed at Roboskî as they engage in smuggling in order to make a living, in Istanbul as they go to buy bread and they cannot play everywhere due to uncleared minefields. They are considered to be ‘terrorists’ when they are killed and sometimes the authorities say: ‘kill them even if they’re children’. These incidents are not properly investigated, no one is prosecuted, the cases run out of time or result in acquittal. There is no justice for children killed by the state”.

İHD reiterated its call for authorities to immediately release all children in prisons as well as for NGOs to work more closely with violence victim children.


“According to all the applications submitted to our association and media coverage, 129 children were abused by their families or outsiders between 1 January 2014 and 19 November 2014”. The İHD stated that that those guilty of raping children have gone unpunished.

Education in mother tongue

“Children who start their education life with another language and stay behind compared to children with a mother tongue of the dominant language …: is it fair? ”

Refugee children – victims of war

“Hundreds of children lost their families and homes in the Syrian war where Turkey has also a side. Nobody even talks about their right to education, health and life”.

Right to participate

“Children have a right to a say in all decisions that affect them. May they make decisions about the world they want, not the world adults and those in charge of the state want”.


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