Writer attacked by Kurdish security forces

By Hiwa Osman:

The well-known Kurdish writer and opposition advisor, Rebin Hardi, was arrested and beaten by the security forces in Sulaymaniyah while they were trying to quell the demonstrations.

He was later released and wrote the following statement on his Facebook page in Kurdish:

“To be honest, the last thing I thought of, was that one day I would be imprisoned by Kurds and be tortured for no reason by people with cruelty of this magnitude. In my lifetime, I experienced this once, in 1982, during the demonstrations against the Ba’th regime.
When they took me to the general command prison, they were very respectful and I could feel that they were upset because I was tortured. Some of them were even shocked that I was arrested.

I salute those who were kind to me and I ask God to forgive those who do not realize the extent of the crime they are committing.
It became clear to me today how some cruel people can easily tarnish the image of the good majority. I was also confident that this type of rule is digging its own grave.

While I thank all the friends from the General Command’s prison, I tell them that the whip of the man in the bus, who lashed me all the way to the prison, hides all your kindness.

Being quiet about cruelty of this magnitude is enough to tell us that sooner or later they will go.

My request is that we should not respond to cruelty with cruelty, violence with violence. Our aim should not be switching roles, us taking the place of this cruel man and him taking our place.

Our aim should be creating a world away from cruelty, humiliation, illegal arrest and torture. This would not come about without a civilized and peaceful struggle.”

This article first appeared on Thoughts from Iraq

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