Why can’t ideologies be the way of life?

Ausama Anwar

By Ausama Anwar:

An ideology is a system of ideas based on a way of thinking. Some aspects came from a situation or from an era when it was ‘needed’ or a big deal at the time. Some ideologies persist beyond their eras until now, with some changes in their principles and ways.

Many political parties around the world follow an exact ideology, and they try to apply it to the state (when they get power). The problem starts when we see that the ones who run the party are humans, This raises the question: can humans live with an exact ideology? I don’t think so. And, really, how can something become a way of life when it covers only a part of it?

I don’t want to embrace any ideology or anyone who lives by a set way of thinking. If we look at any ideology, we can see it comes from a logic. But what’s logic? And what’s the difference between logic and reality?

KT_AUSAMA_PICLogic gives a valid reason for activities. In the above paragraph, I wrote “a logic”: maybe its grammatically wrong, but by this I mean there is more than one Logic. Now how can that be? As the cartoon shows, when two people give a different answer, both answers can be right, and sometimes logic can be this way. A teacher asked students, (explaining Logic to them), “If a man wants to start reading through a novel, and goes to a book store, will he buy a long novel or a short one?” They answered, “He will buy a short one because he is a beginner”. The teacher said, “No, he will buy a long one, because he wants to keep going and stick with it till he loves reading”. Then he asked, “When he finishes the novel, will he buy a long one or short one this time?” They all answered, “The long one because he has learned and loves reading novels”. The teacher said, “No, he just wanted to start reading, but he doesn’t need it anymore, so he will buy a short one”. The students were all amazed. Then the teacher said, “It’s called Logic, my answers and yours are all true, and none of them can be false, but the point of view and thinking changes it”.

I agree with the teacher, and I just want to add some thoughts. Logic is based on reality, but there is only one reality, which we live in. It is based on the point where we are standing, and the related perspectives. Sometimes only one perspective can be true, and the other one is  false. I mean, if we were to ask the man who wanted to buy his second book after finishing the novel, we would figure out which perspective was right and wrong – the teacher’s or the students’.

Reality changes over time and yesterday’s reality is not today’s.  If something was a need more than a decade ago, today it might be superfluous. So, if a logic is based on a reality from years ago, and an ideology is based on a logic from years ago, how can it be used for today’s reality?

Ideologies have an exact perspective for a specific thing, but humans should not. Ideologies give valid reasons for acts from one perspective, but humans should not. Ideologies have unchangeable principles, but humans should not. Otherwise, there won’t be anything called humans, just robots and machines.

Ausama Anwar was born in 1994, in the capital of the Kurdistan region, Hawler. He is a writer and author of two books published in Kurdish. ‘A Gate to the Intellectual’ is dedicated to youth generally with an intellectual background. ‘Hidden Idea: Some Samples from Movies’ is a work of creative movie analysis. Ausama is also a journalist at ‘Yakgrtw’ newspaper, and leader of a society youth group called ‘Zamwa’. 

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4 Responses to Why can’t ideologies be the way of life?
  1. Kuvan Bamarny
    December 4, 2013 | 12:47

    If we adopt any type of extreme ideology there will be no exit at all.Unfortunately, there are still many ideological conflicts, war crimes, hatred, pogroms.
    I believe that humanitarian values, secularism and socialism are the most significant values for society. I wish for no one to hate another person because of their ideological differences. It is clear that there is no pure ideology ,race, belief, ethnicity or religion. All are in some way connected to each other. Even our human nature is somehow linked to the animal and natural worlds.
    My point is that we human beings are all somehow connected on the Earth, but it is a matter of past times and civilizations. In our journey as human beings, we also became different. Our languages, religion and values changed hundreds of times in the course of history. And our physical appearance, faces, hair, skin and eyes also changed, depending on different climates and geography over millions of years. Over time, we became different people. So there are people calling themselves Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Persian, Jewish, Tutsi, German, Chinese, Spanish, etc.
    There are two phases of civilizations. First, we said we are all connected to each other. Second, that through a process of change we also became different from each another. So if someone says that, “I am Kurdish and I belong to Kurdistan”, that should be no problem for other people with different nationalities or ideologies.

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