The Very Real Us

Beyan Farshi

By Beyan Farshi:

It is in human nature to create problems and make them difficult to solve, and how ironic that we call them the essence of life.

No element of nature amazes me like humans do. Although animals and plants are amazingly interesting and follow a natural instinct that makes it logical for us to understand them, humans are way beyond nature. Actually we are against nature with everything in it.

We humans are still in a search process to find out the real us, but there is no real us. We are in a continuous changing process, on an alteration mode, which can’t be set since there is no correct setting.

We keep changing because we have to change. That’s a time necessity. We change the time and the time spans, and in return we are required to change as a time requirement. We change the nature with everything in it and adjust ourselves to the changes, and simultaneously we look for our origin and ourselves.

We are on a long eventful journey, a journey with no choice of participation and no choice of discontinuation, and the unfulfilled searches and unsolved puzzles must be passed on to the next generations.

All the conflicts and hatred between humans suddenly look unreasonably unwise, if we watch ourselves from above. And that’s exactly how the rulers observe their people, seeing them as part of a puzzle. People will be moved in and out and around until the puzzle makers are satisfied with their solution.

However, if you perceive your journey from the rulers’ dimension, you might choose not to be a piece of others’ puzzles but to solve your own puzzle. That will minimize the possibility of being eliminated, and you don’t need to share the same essence of life created by others.

Beyan Farshi was born in Bokan, East of Kurdistan. She studied biology in Germany and Canada, and is currently doing Linguistics and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. She is passionate about writing and reading in Kurdish, and a while ago she started to write in English. 

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