Petition: FIFA must strip terror-backing Qatar of its right to host World Cup 2022

By Mama Yara:
Qatar 2022

Millions of soccer fans were dismayed by FIFA’s decision to hold the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Kurds are also furious at FIFA’s backing for a state that has financed deadly terrorism in Syria and Iraq. We urge FIFA to immediately strip Qatar of its right to host the World Cup 2022 and to hold a free and fair election.

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10 reasons:

1. Qatar is not a football country. It only has 10 national clubs and its national team most probably won’t be competing.

2. Stadiums will be empty. Qatar has only 300,000 citizens. In the World Cup 2010, 90% of 3 million spectators were local South Africans. Who will fill the Qatar stadiums?

3. It’s too hot. Qatar bakes under 110-degree desert heat in summer: dangerous for spectators, and potentially deadly for players.

4. No infrastructure. There is not a single World Cup sized soccer stadium in Qatar. Too many stadiums and training facilities need to be built.

5. Culture clash. In Qatar it is illegal to drink alcohol or be ‘scantily dressed’ in public. Without being judgmental of either side, the World Cup attracts many fans who like to drink and party.

6. Massive human rights abuses. According to the International Labour Organization, Qatar’s 1.7 million guest workers are terribly exploited by low wages, dangerous working conditions and even outright slavery.

7. The stench of corruption. The Sunday Times has exposed that a multi-million dollar slush fund was set up to secure the World Cup for Qatar. FIFA has been forced to hold its own investigation.

8. QATAR SPONSORS TERRORISM. It has backed terrorist groups in several countries. In Syria it sponsored al Nusra, which has since merged with ISIS. These barbarians are raping, murdering and trying to commit genocide against Kurds and others in Iraq and Syria. They pose the No.1 terrorist threat to the world today.

9. FIFA’s credibility. FIFA’s reputation has been thrashed. By holding new elections, and operating in an open and transparent way, FIFA can begin to regain credibility.

10. There isn’t one GOOD reason to hold the World Cup in Qatar.

Save lives, restore the game’s integrity and the trust of fans: tell FIFA to choose a World Cup venue where human rights are respected.

One Response to Petition: FIFA must strip terror-backing Qatar of its right to host World Cup 2022
  1. kurd
    September 11, 2014 | 13:53

    This is the most ridiculous post I have seen on KT. Have we degraded down so low to allow such petitions? And how is this helping our Kurdish cause at a time when there are more pressing issues?

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