An untold story

Beyan Farshi

By Beyan Farshi:

It often occurs in a daily brainstorming, digging deep into the thoughts to distinguish the original ideas from the influenced and the newly-developed ones (the so-called new age products).

Throughout our life span, we are reminded of a story. The story of human progress: a story of hardship and resistance, suffering and oppressions, successes and failures; a story of victories and defeats, power and possessions; a story that we are in, and as actors/actresses we have led it at some point. We are reminded of our story.

A story that each one of us has to be involved in, in order to be accomplished, a story that has been written by the citizens of Planet Earth. None of us can claim to have more shares in its accomplishment than the others. We all had our share in its creation. Every single piece of lives has been incorporated. We have been knotted, piece-by-piece and step-by-step.

We are a chain. There were times when the chain was broken, or cut by forces, and at some point it was difficult to knot it again. Even when the chain is broken, we are still parts of a broken chain.

At some stage of our life, we will look for new stories, not any kind of stories, but the very extraordinary ones.  We will look for the mirror image of our unachieved dreams to picture ourselves in. We will look for answers, answers to questions that have not yet been asked, or questions that need to be discovered. We will look for novelty as a fuel for our thirsty minds.

At some stage of life, nothing will look strange, scary, interesting or amazing. At some point there will be no rules or regulations to be trusted, no forbidden issues to be taken seriously.

At some point, there will be no taboo, and no fear of our human nature. By reaching that point, all racial and gender superiorities will be unbearable and ridiculous. The questions get simpler and perhaps more awkward for the smart minds since they are always used to showing problems bigger than they really are.

For some very obvious reasons, we want to be disconnected from humans’ laws that run the world for the rulers’ own benefit. We will be apart from all shallow human reasoning, dressed in power.

There will be a time when we will not answer the unanswered with questions. We will not associate the unanswered curiosities with unseen and unrealistic powers, when we are short of reasons. We will not corrupt our minds with unproven arguments anymore.

There will be no fear of truths, and no fear of telling and observing the truth.  And we will not choose any shortcut alleys for achieving our goals.

We will come to a point that we feel we are so melted into human society that terms like superior, inferior, super race, occupiers, modern languages, and civilized nations will not deliver any meanings. However, we will still keep our different cultures, mentalities and languages to save our colorful existence. And at some point, each one of us will restore the broken chain for itself.

The daily thought-digging achievement is based upon how we let our minds be as free as possible, our eyes as open as possible, and our consciousness as fair as possible.

Beyan Farshi was born in Bokan, East of Kurdistan. She studied biology in Germany and Canada, and is currently doing Linguistics and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. She is passionate about writing and reading in Kurdish, and a while ago she started to write in English. 

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