Turkish State Relations with the Terrorist Organization ‘Daesh’

Image from Turkish border, near Kobani, 2014

Introduction to document issued by Department of Foreign Relations, Self-Administration of North-East Syria:

The policies of Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan and his interventions in the Syrian and Iraqi affairs, raised many questions in the region, as well, several European media and the Turkish opposition have published about the relationship between Turkish President Erdogan and the terrorist organization Daesh, and this relationship raised a lot of controversy! Many countries have relations with Daesh, either because of business interests or ideological intersection, but Turkey is at the top.

The group (Daesh), which is cursed by the world, has been adopted by the Turkish state and has never denied their relations, and Turkey has sometimes described them as “angry children”.

Tens of videos on social media shows the Turkish soldiers and members of the terrorist organization meeting. Tens of thousands of Daesh members and terrorist jihadists have arrived in Syria through Turkish territory. The most destructive place in which Daesh organized itself was Turkey.

The former US special envoy of the United States of the international anti-Daesh coalition, Brett McGurk, also revealed the relationship between the Turkish state and Daesh, and said: “We had several meetings with Turkey to close its borders in front of Daesh. The aim was to prevent Daesh entering into Syria, but the Turkish government did not close its borders … but after the Kurds took control of part of the border, Turkey erected a wall on the border and closed it!”

It is worth mentioning that, the Turkish state have traded oil with Daesh, in addition to many dirty deals with them, while the Turkish state itself claims its operations against Daesh and arrests their members, but that’s not the true picture.

When the Turkish state realized that it would not defeat SDF through Turkish-backed Daesh, the Turkish government began another phase of “fighting Daesh” through lies; it declared its real war against the SDF and Kurds.

After the elimination of Daesh geographically in March 2018 by the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) and the US-led International Coalition, the Turkish state began to refer to Daesh as a terrorist group. With the Turkish invasion of North East Syria on October 9, 2019, news in the Turkish media about the arrest of Daesh members began almost daily.

In this file, we will show the Turkish state relationship with the terrorist organization Daesh, and how that state finances them in various ways across the Syrian-Turkish border. This is from reliable sources on the Internet, and also from the words of members of the terrorist organization Daesh themselves.

(Intro lightly edited).

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