Turkey: Peoples are Suffering from Racist and Fascistic Killing Machine

Rebwar Reshid

By Rebwar Rashed:

The last hundred years of the history of the Middle East are a history of Turkish racism genociding the peoples of the region. Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds, Lazes, Charkas, Bulgarians, Greeks, Arabs, Greek Cypriots and others have all been the victims of Turkish racist brutality.

Armenians, Assyrians and Kurds are among those who have suffered the most. Hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered, thousands of women have been sexually harassed and raped, millions of people has been displaced and forcibly removed to very faraway places from the places they love. Millions of square kilometres of land, along with movable and immovable properties, have been confiscated by the Turks.

Turkey in itself has been a prison for all non Turkic peoples. The physical prisons have always been packed with innocent people or people who simply committed the crime of not belonging to the right race. There are thousands of horrible stories of how Turkish fascism has hurt people. These people were of course not faceless people. They were fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons. They were children, elderly, pregnant women and ill people. They were people with dreams.

Last, but not least, they were indigenous people of the Middle East.

Prohibiting the culture, language, traditional clothing and so on of indigenous peoples living in Turkey causes great harm to human civilization. The pain which individuals have felt through the denial of their democratic and national rights is unbearable.

Turkish racism, in aiming even to eliminate, not just forbid, the mother tongues of other non-Turkic nationals, is almost unique in the history of racism.

It’s a tragedy that the Western world, well aware of the deeds of this barbaric and uncivilized racist regime, has chosen to turn a blind eye to its atrocities year after year.

Those people who got eliminated or are facing annihilation right now, were and are living individuals with dreams and hopes. They have been harassed, persecuted, imprisoned and killed just for the simple reason of not been Turks.

Now, with the AKP and Erdogan in power, Turkish racism has become rather stronger as it mixes with Islamic fascism and imaginary constructed religious and national values. One country, one flag, one language, one people and one “everything else” is the banner of which Erdogan is not ashamed, but he rather uses it as a marketing label for his radical and extremist Islamic symphony. He is repeating this phrase on a daily basis.

Erdogan is sending more and more soldiers to fight Kurdish people, especially after the coup attempt of 15th July. Not trusting the Turkish army anymore, he wants to have them a long way away from Ankara, Istanbul and other Turkish metropolises. The army therefore must be kept busy with killing Kurdish people and invading Iraq and Syria. At the same time, Erdogan has built his own special police force supplanting the army. This so called “police force” uses every kind of violence to suppress ordinary people.

Copious video footage bears witness to their brutality against children, women, the elderly and even the animals of their victims. These bigots even have assignments to write sexist and hateful sentences against Kurds, Armenians and Assyrians on the walls and doors of houses and stores and other places in Kurdistan.

Erdogan’s enmity towards people who don’t agree with him has gone so far that even small children in primary schools are posing for photos holding nooses, in reference to Erdogan’s plan to bringing back the death penalty in Turkey. The children, usually orchestrated by their teachers, are singing the Turkish national anthem while they proudly display the hanging ropes.

Thus Turkish fascism can destroy even more human lives if it’s not stopped.


Turkish primary school teacher gets his pupils to pose for photo holding miniature hangman’s nooses

We were happy when decent, ordinary, life-loving people overcame the apartheid system in South Africa. We feel happy when we see suppressed people get a chance for equal opportunities and a life in freedom; when we see people’s happy faces welcoming good reforms; and we also for sure feel bad and suffer from a bad conscience when we know that we could have done a little more to save lives but somehow we just didn’t do enough.

We can for sure save many lives in Kurdistan. By delisting the PKK as a terrorist organization we can help a true and a genuine democratization process to come about in Turkey. The PKK is a political organization struggling for basic human, national and democratic rights for indigenous people in Turkey. The PKK has unilaterally ceased fire at least nine times since 1990 but Turkey has always answered with more violence and oppression. Turkey takes great advantages from its NATO membership and its various relations with the EU and the wider democratic world. Turkey is also using Islam and Islamic countries against the Kurdistan liberation movement.

By freeing Mr. Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdistan liberation movement, we can pave a way for a lasting and sustainable peace in Turkey and the Middle East since he has dedicated his life to peace, friendship, secularism, gender equality and the brotherhood of peoples. Mr. Ocalan can play a positive and constructive role in forging ties between Turks, Kurds and other entities in Turkey and the Middle East. Today there are tens of thousands of Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey. They can be a great democratic force to rebuild a Turkey that’s not racist and not supporting terrorism in the area.

Together we have to show Erdogan that violence doesn’t pay and doesn’t solve any problems and that the democratic world won’t let him destroy civilizations and that authoritarianism and dictatorship will damage the future of the whole area.

A peaceful solution to the Kurdish question is still possible. The US, NATO and the EU can act as mediators between the Turkish government and the PKK. It is obvious that the Western world’s relations with Turkey has cost Kurds many lives, and enormous pain and suffering.

The democratic forces and international solidarity for peace and sisterhood between nations can play a great role in solving the Kurdish question by peaceful and democratic means. A democratic and open dialogue between the PKK and the Turkish government is a good start.

Rebwar Rashed is Co-Chairman of the Kurdistan National Congress – KNK

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