Turkey is Deceiving the Democratic and Public Opinion

Rebwar Reshid

By Rebwar Rashed:

All of a sudden, on July 23rd, Turkey surprised the world by announcing the decision to join the US coalition against ISIL.

Turkey has been supporting all kinds of Islamic terrorists in Syria at least for the last four years. Turkey had it´s well known agenda, which included destroying the Kurdish liberation movement, rebuilding the Ottoman Empire, liberating ‘Jerusalem’ and leading the so-called Sunni-Islamic world. The way to begin that journey was to destroy Kurds’ dreams for democratic and national rights.

With the bomb that killed at least 34 youths and wounded over 100 on July 20th in the Kurdish city in Kurdistan/ Turkey (Bakur), just across from Kobane in Rojawa, Turkey sent a message of war against those who help Kobané. The city´s real name is Pirsoz, not Suruç. Pirsoz is among those places in Kurdistan whose names the Turks changed during Ataturk´s racist war of extermination against Kurdish people. Suruç is the enforced Turkish name.

The youths had collected various things, mostly toys and clothes, for the kids of Kobané. In the summer time many kids die of dehydration and lack of drinking and clean water.
It was clear that this atrocity was prepared by the government. Turkey had lost patience and could not see more Kurdish gains.

At first, the Turkish official media spread the rumor that the suicide bomber was of Kurdish origin. But soon, especially following Kurdish intelligence reports, it became clear that the person is indeed a Turk and his brother and family were known to Turkish police as ISIL supporters from a couple of years ago.

Turkish security forces have been carrying out raids on every small protest organized by Kurds. There has been a tremendous use of force by the police, gendarmerie, paramilitaries and the army against Kurdish demonstrators. Tanks, armored vehicles, special heavy water cannons, tear gas and fire arms have been used. There have been as many as hundreds of deaths and several hundred wounded, mostly youngsters and kids. Police and military forces are everywhere in Kurdistan. But the same suppressing machinery, which Erdoğan is very proud of, failed to stop terrorist atrocities against Kurds.

It was true that the Turkish government has tightened the security measures along the border for some time, though not against ISIL or to stop or to minimize ISIL´s movements, but rather to stop Kurdish gains and isolate the Kurdish Rojawa from the outside world. For instance the 363 Km trench that Turkey has dug or the illuminating of many kilometers road with military observation is designed to separate Rojawa and Bakur (Kurdistan in Turkey). This is not measures against ISIL. It is measures to stop Kurds helping and supporting each other.

Agreeing to the use of the İncirlik base by U.S.-led coalition fighter jets is just another attempt to deceive the world that Turkey is indeed a part of the coalition against ISIL and Syrian regime.

Turkey has not hidden it´s real agenda, that it sees Kurds national movement as more dangerous than ISIL. Turkey thus has seen the gains of Syrian Kurds as a threat to its national security. By flying symbolically a few fighter jets over ISIL military bases a couple of times, Turkey hopes to get political and logistic support from the US and NATO to deepen its war against Kurdish national liberation movement.

Despite Kurds cry for friendship and mutual respect and understanding, Turkey still favors enmity against Kurds and prefers to support ISIL. But the enmity of Turkey against Kurds and its partnership with ISIL is not based on “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. It’s based rather on having mutual religious and ideological beliefs with ISIL and other Islamic terrorists. ISIL is the best that had happened for Turkey. ISIL facilitates a win-win situation for Turkey.

The AKP´s official stand has been that “PYD is more dangerous than ISIL” and “PKK is as terrorist as ISIL”. This has been repeated by Davutoğlu and Erdoğan openly. Announcing that there have been raids against ISIL and PKK members in Istanbul is just a lie. There have only been a couple raids against ISIL, but at least 360 supporters of the HDP have been harassed and imprisoned and one has died on 25th of July: Turkish police and military units have killed a Kurdish women in their raids.

At the same time, parallel to the raids in Kurdistan and Turkish cities, just after the theatrical move of deploying a couple of jetfighters allegedly against ISIL, Turkish security and military forces started to carry out huge military operation against Kurdish Qendil headquarters.

This is the real aim of Turkey.

The AKP government and its affiliates have, from the very beginning, a fixation on the Kurds as “the real problem” in Syria and in Turkey. Turkey doesn’t want to solve the Kurdish issue by democratic and political means. It still hopes to exterminate Kurds, with the support of NATO and the Western world.

Turkey´s decision to wage a war against Kurdish people now comes directly after the success of the YPG at Tel Abyad (In Kurdish, Gré Spi: the name was changed by the Syrian Baathists). Turkey is afraid of Kurds’ advances towards the canton of Afrin and in Raqqa and Aziz in north Syria. Liberating Raqqa means cutting the supply route of ISIL, linking the cantons of Kobani and Afrin and also means eliminating physical relations between Turkey and ISIL.

The democratic and free opinion of the world has a political and moral obligation to stop Turkey´s barbarism and it’s predilection to war and suppression.

Rebwar Rashed has a Ph.D. degree in Political Science. He has translated several books into Kurdish and also written many articles in Kurdish and English about the Kurdistan National Liberation Movement, human rights, anti-Semitism, equality between the sexes and ethnicities, and the need for a democratic and peaceful struggle.

8 Responses to Turkey is Deceiving the Democratic and Public Opinion
  1. Stephen
    July 25, 2015 | 16:23

    It must be confusing for British and US pilots who previously defended Kurdistan and Kobani. Most British people will be appalled that a safe flying zone has been set up while Turkish pilots bomb the only people who were fighting Daesh.

  2. Support PKK
    July 25, 2015 | 20:36

    PKK must avoid retaliatory responses.
    PKK must prove a change in its approaches.
    It must act the opposite. It’s a progressive tolerant institution. It does adapt!

    Long Live PKK!

    PKK enjoy broad public support by millions of Kurds all over!

    Peace for 22-5 million Kurds in Turkey!

  3. Leyla
    July 27, 2015 | 18:58

    when you say Turkey you mean the temporary government controlled by Erdogan. Please do not forget to mention that lots of turks have been supporting HDP, to find a common solution to live together. They protest together with kurds on the streets. And we are also dissapointed that PKK started to attack civils in country, like kidnapping health personal, kidnapping 30 construction workers, attacking with guns to the hospital personal, bombing buses in izmir. why are you not able to control such happenings? these civil people have been supporting you, and you kill them.

  4. Rebwar Rashed
    July 27, 2015 | 23:47

    Dear Leyla,
    I agree with you that the main responsibility is on the shoulder of the AKP, but don´t forget that Turkey since the very day of 29 October 1923 is the killing machine of others. This is with the knowledge that others as Assyrian, Armenian and Kurds are ancient nation of the M.E.
    It is our home!
    We are not outsiders!
    The CHP is the party to blame from 1923 up until 2000? The MHP, are they good?
    Turkey is one of the most savage country in the world when it comes to atrocities and genocide against others. Even talking a language been prohibited, this long before the AKP.
    Yes, I agree with you, there are many good Turks.
    Yes again, there are some Turks who support the Kurdistan liberation movement, but how many are they?
    Even if there are some good Turks, usually they come with prerequisites when it comes to the Kurdish question.
    I do believe that every Turk who want peace, friendship and sisterhood must give the right of a statehood to Kurdish people. Kurdish people must decide. A man should not make a choice for a woman, in no matters. A woman should always have the right of “divorce”.
    No, I don´t believe that the PKK has been, intentionally and deliberately, killing innocents. There were times that Turkey was even saying that the PKK is killing “teachers”. But you know very well that they were not “teachers”. They were MIT and they were doing everything bad in Kurdistan, but the state called them “teachers”. They were murders and very bad people, they were sadists, exactly the same as those “civil polices” who attack a Kurdish person and almost kills him/ her.
    Even cannibals won´t kill “teachers”.
    Kidnapping? Is there even one casualty of death? No.
    Those people must understand that they destroy Kurdistan, they destroy our homes, the beautiful environment and our future. You must give Kurds some resources to fight. how could we fight? What kind of weapon do you give us? Explain how could we make Turkey understand that we are a nation, it´s our own homeland and we like to live in peace and in harmony and talk our language, dance our dances etc.
    Kurds must do something, Leyla.
    Its Turkey who have many hundreds of jetfighters, tanks hundreds of thousands of military, police, paramilitary etc., not Kurds.
    Why Turks need an army?
    I understand that YOU, as Leyla, don´t need an army but Turkey has it. It´s a reality. We have to deal with that reality, not with your feeling. We can absolutely respect your feeling.
    What the Turkish people can do about murdering hundreds of thousands of Kurdish deaths since 1923? What you can do?
    These are serious questions.
    You can’t solve problems just by romantic thinking and goodwill.
    Sisterhood and friendship? Yes, of course. But not on the expense of Kurds and others.
    How long must Kurds pay?
    The source of violence is neither PKK nor Kurds, it´s Turkey.
    You prefer to call it “AKP”. Let’s see what the CHP and MHP will do!
    So, I think we should talk about peace, sisterhood and friendship but it must be based on mutual – interest. This is important.
    Turkey’s real purpose now is to try to keep the Kurdish guerrillas away from continuing to fight ISIL and at the same time weaken the Kurdish guerrilla forces and reduce their successful struggle against ISIL.
    Thus Turkey want to kill two birds with one stone: To claim that it is fighting ISIL so it can gain the West’s sympathy and to prevent and, if possible, stop future Kurdish achievements both in Rojawa and at home in Turkey.

    All kind of democratic forces who believe in human and national rights, peace and freedom must condemn Turkey’s ongoing dirty war against Kurdistan and ask for a democratic peaceful solution to the conflict.
    You will see that even Turkey´s friends cannot support Turkey anymore.
    Yes, together we can build bridges and a better future.
    Thank you for your contribution.
    // Rebwar

  5. Leyla
    July 28, 2015 | 12:16

    Dear Rebwar,

    thank you for your response. Demirtas lead of HDP talked and responded today. We support him. Despite PKK, we believe in peace, and living together, and we support him. There is another way, which is war, and that eventually Kurds unite under the free Kurdistan of Barzani. But in Anatolia, we want to live together as turks and kurds, in a federal state.

    In today’s globalizing and violent world maybe we are people who appear naive, romantic and acting with their feelings. But again, we are the people who believe in peace, living together, loving diversity of Anatolia. And we will build it. We will not fight with guns. Peace can not be built by guns.

  6. peshro
    July 28, 2015 | 16:31

    in Anatolia there has been always power changing between the kurds and Armenian and the greeks too but is the kurds has more ownership than any other nations the turks has just arrived , they should go and reed their history and then change Anatolia to Turkey ! it has ben home to the kurds for at least 5000 years before the mongols arrived and killing machine that has started killing and displacement of kurds and others to other turkish speaking countries and else where long before 1923 now they think that anatolia is belong to them Turks they don’t see themselves as an occupier without Nato’s help they couldn’t stay there as master and they are not they should show respect to the kurds it is A shame that they are still uncivilized people and think very primitive

  7. Khalil
    July 29, 2015 | 04:40

    What terrifies me the most is when 25 million Kurds rise up in sync and demand full autonomy in Turkey. AKP will then appreciate resuming peace talks.

  8. Reza
    August 2, 2015 | 03:39

    I am for independence for South 100%.
    Who is going to stop us? Obamas Administration? Or 4 countries who never believed in peace with Kurds.

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