US tells Nuri Maliki, ‘You’re on your own’

By Mufid Abdulla:

Iraq prime minister Maliki

Iraq prime minister Nuri Maliki

Since the 6th June when ISIS stormed Mosul, and then captured Tekrit, the whole world has been shaken by their ferocity and capability in seizing ground so quickly. The political and military power of Nuri Maliki has collapsed before the eyes of all the Iraqi people, who are left wondering how it could be possible for an army built over the last several years to surrender to the non-professional fighters of ISIS. The morale of the Shiite government is very low as ISIS advances towards Baghdad and, for the first time, the Maliki government admits that it has formally asked the US to help it with air strikes against ISIS. However, through its inaction, the US has in effect responded by saying, “This has nothing to do with us, you have to deal with it on your own”. The UK government has also indicated that it does not plan to interfere in Iraq.

The President of Kurdistan, in an historic statement on Wedsnesday, made two important points to the people of Kurdistan. First, he said that Kurds will not withdraw from the areas which are covered by Article 140  of the Iraq constitution and he called on the Kurdish nation for help and told Peshmarga reservists to be ready to go on active service. Second, he said that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is not going to take sides in the fighting between Maliki’s forces and ISIS.

The clear message from all of this is that only Iran can rescue Maliki this time from the mayhem of ISIS terror. This latest upheaval might seal the collapse of the Nuri Maliki Government.

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  1. Nariman
    June 19, 2014 | 21:19

    8 years was not enough! We said democracy. We did not say majority Arabs to repress minority Sunnis?

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