Syria: National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change names Executive Committee


The National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change announced the names of the members of its Executive Committee at a press conference in the Syrian capital Damascus, following a meeting in a suburb of Damascus on 6 October 2011.  

Hassan Abdel Azim, General Coordinator of the National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change opened the conference by offering condolences to the family of the official spokesman for the Kurdish Future Movement, Mesha’al al-Tammo, who was assassinated last Friday, 9 October in the city of Qamishli. Hassan Abdel Azim also presented condolences to the Kurdish national movement in particular, and to the Syrian national movement in general for the loss of one Syria’s national figures by the actions of an unidentified terrorist gang.

Speaking about the efforts of unification of the opposition, Hassan Abdel Azim said firstly that all, the opposition are have been agreed since the year 2000 on working for peaceful democratic change, and there is no argument about this central goal. His second point was that the greater part of the opposition is unified within the National Coordinating Body both at home and abroad, and the others are unified within the National Council.

To answer the demand of the street about the possibility of a formal unification of the opposition under one umbrella, we repeat that in Doha, Qatar we all decided to announce the National Coalition for the opposition in Damascus, and we gave our agreement in principle to signing up with any opposition party that shares our vision based on three no’s: no violence, no sectarian strife, no foreign military interference as we are committed to these principles. Since that time, the National Council has been operating without a National Coalition being formed.

Abdel Aziz al-Khair, member of the Executive Committee of the National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change answered a question about the demonstrations that came out on Friday 9 October 2011 that carried the name – ‘the National Council represents me’ – saying that he wanted to make it very clear that there is no dialogue between the Coordination Body for Democratic Change and the regime, which is an accusation that arises from the propaganda of political opponents. He continued, ‘We are talking first of all about comprehensive national change and transition from a regime of authoritarian dictatorship to a democratic parliamentary system. Secondly, we welcome the formation of the National Council in Istanbul, and it is our observation are although we have reservations we can speak about this directly in meetings with the Council representatives.  Thirdly, the National Council is representative of part of the opposition located mainly abroad with some at home, and the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change  is based at home in Syria with links outside. The Syrian national opposition now is two parts, the greatest part being inside Syria, and the others are located abroad.’

The names of members of the Coordination Body’s Executive Committee were announced in the press conference. They are:

  •  Ahmed Fa’iz al-Fawaz
  • Bassam al-Malak
  • Jamal Mulla Mahmud
  • Hassan Abdel-Azim
  • Hassan al-Awat
  • Ra’ed al-Naqshabandi
  • Rejar al-Nasser
  • Shukri al-Mahamid
  • Salah Muslim Mohammed
  • Tareq Abu al-Hassan.
  • Aref Dalilah
  • Abdel Aziz al-Khair
  • Adnan Wahba
  • Fa’ez Sarah
  • Mohammed al-Harith
  • Mohamed Sayed Rassas
  • Mohamed al-Samadi
  • Mohammed al-Ammar
  • Mohammed Flitani
  • Mohammed Musa Mohammed
  • Mahmoud Morei
  • Munzer Khaddam
  • Mansour al-Atassi
  • Mounir Albbitar
  • Mais Credi
  • Nayef Salloum
  • Nasr al-Din Ibrahim

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