Support the family of Hujam Surchi and other Peshmerga families in need

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Hujam Surchi

Hujam Surchi: Hero of Kurdistan

The brutal execution of Peshmerga commander Hujam Surchi has affected not only people in Kurdistan, but also Kurds in diaspora communities worldwide. Hujam was kidnapped by ISIS in August and he was beheaded last week, as publicized in a video by the terrorists in which he displayed dignified courage at the hands of these barbarians. He has left behind 10 children and his family are living below the poverty line.

Jiyan Behrozy and Rezgar Safari, two Kurds in Sweden, decided to financially help Surchi’s family soon after they heard about his death. They opened an account and started a fundraising campaign and, in the first week, they raised 50,000 SEK, equivalent to 7,000 USD, from individual donations. That whole amount will go to Surchi’s widow and children. Behrozy and Safari have now decided to expand the appeal to also help other Peshmerga families that have lost family members in the war and are in financial need.

The campaign ends in March and the money will be handed to the families, including to Surchi’s widow. Below are the account details and a PayPal link for donations.

Bank information:

IBAN: SE92 8000 0842 4494 3808 0203
Account owner: REZGHAR SAFARI
Account code: 14


KT appeals to people everywhere to give generously: this is not charity, it is necessary solidarity with the families of peshmergas who, by fighting ISIS, are defending human values for the whole world.

2 Responses to Support the family of Hujam Surchi and other Peshmerga families in need
  1. Jan Best de Vries
    February 7, 2015 | 12:20

    You’re absolutely right, KT editors, but, Mr. Barzani, no government should send his and her Peshmergas into battle without taking care of their families…, when they don’t return home…. It’s a standard priority for any Ministry of Defense, isn’t it?

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