Sulaymani protest lawyer brutally assaulted

Karwan Kamal, the young lawyer who took on the cases of unarmed demonstrators shot dead in Sulaymani earlier this year, is in intensive care following a brutal assault on Sunday night. Karwan was leaving the Valantain club in Sarchnar district with friends when he was set upon by two unknown men. This incident occurs on the eve of the next round of talks between government and opposition parties. We will publish more information when we have it.
Update Mon 27 June: We understand that Karwan’s medical condition is now stable.
2 Responses to Sulaymani protest lawyer brutally assaulted
  1. Rose
    June 27, 2011 | 16:26

    How can it be possible that this innocent and respectful man, who was only carrying out his job and trying to help stop the unjust and unfair system which exists at present, be brutally assaulted in this way? It highlights the question of who is responsible for such an assault? Surely, the people in charge of the state and state security must have some answers with regards to how this could happen? Surely they must have the resources to track down those who are responsible? This is not good news for the two ruling parties as it is another incident which demonstrates the civil unrest and corrupted events which appear to be happening in Sulaymani.

    • Balen Jamal
      June 27, 2011 | 19:20

      the state and the security are ran by a bunch of thugs. Don’t you remember Mubarak’s thugs in Egypt? Well, thugs are all the same regardless of place and time.

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