Stop Turkey’s Organized Violence against Kurdish People

Rebwar Reshid

By Rebwar Rashed:

Political developments in Bakur /Northern Kurdistan (part of Turkey) are going in a dangerous direction.

The Turkish government chose to support ISIS, the dreaded Islamic terrorist group, and began providing it with logistics, sophisticated NATO-made weapons, ammunition and military intelligence. Turkey hoped that by using ISIS terrorism against Kurdistan, it would be able at first to force the Kurdish liberation struggle in Rojava/ Syria to surrender and, at the second stage, it´s hope is to be able to dismantle what it calls the “Peace Process” in Turkey.

The Kurds, however, are much more organized and united than the Turks and other Kurdish foes had in mind. Kurds in Rojawa have put up an amazing resistance against ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups and demand firmly and clearly that Turkey must stop its weapons deliveries and intelligence supplies to ISIS. But, unfortunately, Turkey responded to the Kurdish people with derisive laughter.

Instead of listening to the Kurdish people, Turkey chose again to become more hostile against Kurds. Turkey is not only helping ISIS with weapons, ammunition, logistics and much more, but it has also begun to turn on the warning sirens before the coalition warplanes bombard ISIS positions so that the ISIS terrorists have enough time to hide and to spread out in the area. Thus, due to Turkey´s assistance, the ISIS terrorists have suffered minimal losses in Kobané.

It can be seen, and the world is witnessing, that Turkish soldiers are sitting on their tanks near the Kobané border, watching Kurdish movements through their sophisticated military binoculars, and communicating with ISIS terrorists on the Kurdish situation inside Kobané.

The Turks have been asked to change course many times, but to no avail.

Therefore the only option left to the Kurdish people was to call for a popular uprising to stop Turkish state-terrorism and organized violence. But the Turks seem to get more aggressive and they are getting angrier when their plan to eradicate Kurds doesn’t work.

Turkey has once again breathed life into the so-called Turkish “Hezbollah”.

The so-called “Hezbollah” has started murdering Kurds on the streets of Kurdistan in Turkey. But such a party does not really exist in the Turkish part of Turkey. They only exist in Kurdistan.

“Hezbollah” has never waged a war against the Turkish state, it does not operate in the Turkish parts of Turkey and it never harms ethnic Turks, neither civilians nor non-civilians. “Hezbollah” functions only in Kurdistan and it kills only Kurds who are protesting against the Turkish state.

So the picture is clear. Everybody understands that “Hezbollah” is a branch of the Turkish paramilitary forces.

Last night, the Turkish government also began to publicly blow the horn of war and rally fascist and ultra-nationalist elements in Turkey with the message that the “Fatherland Turkey is in Danger”. These elements are the same as those who started to launch the so called “Freedom Flotilla” on May 31st 2010. These people are allowed to carry firearms, “Rambo knives”, machetes and bats.

Populist Turkish newspapers, Turkish national newspapers such as “Hurriyet”, urge all Turks to “save the Fatherland Turkey”. They want to silence Kurds and Kurdistan, to suppress and demoralize the will to political struggle of the Kurdish people.

The Turkish state cannot use its regular army directly and therefore uses it “Hezbollah”, “village guards”, “ISIS sympathizers” and “Turkish defenders of the fatherland” as a cover.

But all Western governments and NATO know that all these different names are one and the same, part of the oppressor apparatus of the Turkish occupation machine.

Kurds protest against the Turkish regime because Turkey supplies ISIS with all kinds of medical, military and economic help. Kurdish people have asked Turkey to kindly stop its overall assistance to ISIS and stop the fascistic attitude and state terrorism against Kurdistan.

Kurdish people are not asking Turkey for help. Kurds know that the Turks will never “support” Kurds.

The Kurds simply demand that Turkey stop supporting ISIS.

But, unfortunately, Turkey takes advantage of the Kurdish friendly attitude and high moral discipline and commitment to peace and friendship.

This reality is well known throughout the West, NATO and other military power centers in the West. Therefore the West is partly responsible for the Turkish state’s organized violence, destruction and killings. The Turks are committing crimes against humanity in Kurdistan while using NATO military supplies.

The West and NATO have given too much support to the Turks, at least in keeping silent. Turkey has committed genocide against Armenians, Assyrians, Laz, Cherkes, Kurds and other ethnic groups before. It has a history of genocide and barbarism.

Now they want to exterminate Kurds. Any silence will be a support to the evil and terrorist mentality in Turkey!

We ask the West, the democratic opinion, all NGOs in the world, and the international community to urge Turkey to go to the negotiating table and to end its barbaric and uncivilized attacks against the defenseless Kurdish people in both Syria and Turkey.

The Syria UN envoy Mr. Staffan de Mistura was highly appreciated when he today called on Turkey to allow Kurdish refugees to cross back into Syria to protect the city of Kobané. He said: “We would like to appeal to the Turkish authorities in order to allow the flow of refugees … to enter the city to support a self-defense”.

Kurdish people for sure hope that the US, the democracies of Western Europe and the International Community will support their call for freedom and supply them with weapons for self-defense.

Rebwar Rashed has a Ph.D. degree in Political Science. He has translated several books into Kurdish and also written many articles in Kurdish and English about the Kurdistan National Liberation Movement, human rights, anti-Semitism, equality between the sexes and ethnicities, and the need for a democratic and peaceful struggle.

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