Rojava Kurd resistance continues; if necessary we will drown ISIS with our blood says Kobanê leader

KT News:

YPG fighters

YPG fighters

Rojava Kurds are continuing to fiercely resist the offensive by ISIS (‘Islamic State’). Pro-Kurd YPG/YPJ forces killed 18 jihadists in fighting last night, reports the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.   The ISIS offensive is the latest and biggest in two years of attacks on Rojava. This time ISIS are using heavy weapons and tanks captured in Iraq and they are closing in on Kobanê, a city of half a million people.

Kobanê Canton Co-President Enver Muslim told Dicle News Agency that they are facing a “second Sinjar”.

“All democratic people should support us. DAISH (ISIS) wants to carry out a massacre in Kobanê. If they are opposed to terror and massacres, they must provide us with support without delay,” said Müslim.

We will resist to the last drop of our blood. The gangs will not be able to enter Kobanê. If necessary, we will drown them in our blood,” said Muslim, adding: “All Kurds should look to Kobanê. We will resist and not give up Kobanê. I call on people to join us.”

The jihadists have captured dozens of Kurdish villages and Firat news reports that families from 100 villages have been evacuated by Kurdish forces to Kobanê city.

Turkish authorities say that 45,000 refugees have crossed the border into Turkey. However, for a period yesterday the border was kept shut until it was opened following protests by Kurds on the Turkish side and the intervention of HDP MPs.

Former Pentagon official Michael Rubin has accused President Obama of abandoning Rojava Kurds to slaughter: “The Syrian peshmerga have been asking repeatedly for US airstrikes to relieve the siege. It seems … Obama is prepared to allow ISIL a major victory and to turn his back on the inevitable slaughter of men and boys and enslavement and rape of women and girls”.

“It is not too late to relieve the assault on Kobanê and the betrayal of the only region of Syria embracing a secular, democratic vision for the future” says Rubin.


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