PYD’s Salih Muslim on a diplomatic visit to London

KNK Press Release:

Salih Muslim, PYD co-chair

Salih Muslim, PYD co-chair

The co-chair of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) is in London this week on a diplomatic visit to the city.

Mr Muslim has been taking meetings with the Foreign Office, members of Parliament and the House of Lords in an effort to garner international support for the experiment in democratic autonomy in the newly founded autonomous states of Rojava, northern Syria.

This is Mr Muslim’s third visit in the past year and this time he has been joined by two other members of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria (NCB): Basam Ishaq, chairman of Syriac Council (the Christian community) and Abdul Karim Omar, spokesperson of Jazira Canton Foreign Affairs Department. Their visit comes at a critical time

As well as highlighting the massive humanitarian crisis in Rojava brought on by the influx of Syrian internally displaced peoples to the safety of Rojava, which is currently being defended from repeated attacks from armed Islamist force ISIS by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, the YPG, Mr Muslim and his colleagues also are presenting a new initiative for peaceful democratic change in Syria.[1]. This new initiative aims to create an inclusive coalition of opposition groups, provides a concrete action plan for achieving peaceful change and makes recommendations for a new Syrian constitution which protects Syria’s diverse population through the recognition of minorities and decentralisation of power.

While the recent attack on Mosul by ISIS forces has again brought the plight of Iraqi Kurdistan to the fore, Mr Muslim has been keen to stress that in Syria, the Kurdish forces have been holding back ISIS’ spread without any international support for over a year. The Interim Administration of Rojava, which established de facto self-rule in the region last year, has been critical of Turkey’s role in this, which it sees as supporting the influx of foreign fighters through their shared border while at the same time closing their border to aid and for the safe passage of refugees through the Kurdish areas.

Mr Muslim will be in London until Saturday and is available for interviews. To arrange an interview with him, please contact us using the details below.


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