PUK dithers over break with KDP

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Azad Jundiany

Azad Jundiany

Recently the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) announced that it would stand independently from the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) in the general elections to the Kurdistan Region’s parliament that are meant to be held before the end of July.

Today, however, Azad Jundiany a PUK politburo member and press spokesman, issued a message to party members declaring: “Last week’s statement does not mean that we are going back to zero with the KDP”.

In other words, the PUK leadership is not yet ready to break from its corrupt Strategic Relationship with the KDP, the other ruling party in the region.

“We want to maintain a balanced relationship with the KDP and have a progressive relationship with Gorran”, said Jundiany.  These comments are symptomatic of the instability inside the PUK, in Jalal Talabani’s absence. They also show that the PUK leadership is not confident about the elections and wants to keep its options open.

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2 Responses to PUK dithers over break with KDP
  1. Lorenzo Garcia
    April 6, 2013 | 10:13

    I believe that at this point of time PUK should have tight links to KDP. OK, less tight than before but tight.
    There are many people in Baghdad who are looking to possibilities to split the kurdish unity and practice the divide and conquer policy of the past. It has been very succesful so why not try once again

  2. Ahmed
    April 6, 2013 | 15:52

    Thanks to Goran yegertu and komala, Parliament will be more divided then ever. PUK needs to remember that KDP saved them last elections and not to try to sweet talk to Goran.

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