President Barzani ‘agrees’ to changes proposed by Awene editor

News by The Kurdistan Tribune:

Shwan Muhamad

Shwan Muhamad

President Barzani was left almost speechless on Sunday night when, back from Turkey, he invited the editors of local papers to meet him at his Salahadin residence. Almost every paper was represented, except for Livin Magazine, whose editor was detained by the authorities last year. Unusually, Barzani invited journalists to ask questions and he was taken aback by the brave intervention of Shwan Muhamad, editor of Awene Weekly.

In summary, Shwan put the following points to the president:

  • If you are sincere about reform you need to return to the promises you made in February 2011. You need to talk to the people and sit down with the opposition.
  • You are supposed to have a strategic agreement with the PUK but you and Talabani, the president of Iraq, keep making contradictory statements. This disappoints the Kurdish street which expects unity.
  • You need to do something about the corrupt Kurdish officials in Baghdad. The Iraq prime minister holds incriminating files on them. They are not up to the job and they have failed to protect Kurds under threat in Diyala and elsewhere.
  • Why have the opposition parties no offices in Erbil, Zakho and Dohuk?
  • Sometimes you talk about independence for Kurdistan but, if you want to take the nation forward, you to need to act on all these points. You need to unite your own house and must come down and talk to everyone.

In front of TV cameras the president reddened and briefly replied: “I can add nothing to this. I’m agreed”.

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One Response to President Barzani ‘agrees’ to changes proposed by Awene editor
  1. Haval
    April 25, 2012 | 06:58

    THIS Is not the first time Barzani agrees on fighting corruption and sorting out reforms.Barzani is very economical with truth and that was going on for long time .Agrees on everything but never due anything about it why not tow simple point :first,fighting corruption mean has to cut their own body.Second reforms means the death of tribal rule etc
    well done Shwan for your bravery and courage

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