Paris Assassinations Cover-up: We Are All Sakine, Fidan and Leyla!

Kurdish Women’s Movement of Europe Statement:

On the 9th of January, 2013, three Kurdish female politicians Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Saylemez were assassinated in Paris. In the time after the assassinations the documents, tapes and witnesses all pointed towards the Turkish Intelligence Services (MIT) as the organisers and perpetrators of this heinous attack. The prosecutor had conducted his inquiry and had gathered the evidence and documents to submit to the courts, which he did in May, 2015. Despite this, the case did not start. After the Kurdish people’s struggle for the case to be heard and for justice to be served, the courts announced that the case would start on the 5th of December, 2016, but then later moved it to the 23rd of January, 2017.

During this time, the perpetrator Omer Guney’s health was constantly being brought up to delay the proceedings. Although Omer Guney’s health condition was known to the French authorities, the fact that the case was being delayed shows that the French state perverted the course of justice. We had always stated that the delay in proceedings would allow for the only suspect in the case, Omer Guney, to be abducted or killed in order to hide the facts about this political assassination. We had come to the point where shortly before the date of the start of the court case, a deterioration in Omer Guney’s health meant that the prosecutor in the case had accepted for him to be released on the 19th of December, before which the assassin himself had died.

The French government has acted in accordance with its political and economic interests by not putting the only suspect of the case in front of a judge and jury to be tried, by delaying the case as much as possible so that the truths would not be uncovered, and so that the Turkish state’s assassination of these women would not be illuminated. The French and Turkish states have collaborated in every way so that this massacre would not be investigated properly.
There have been 25 political assassinations in France – in none of these cases has anyone ever been convicted. The murders have always been covered up and the French state’s responsibility has never been uncovered. For the first time, in the case of the three Kurdish women, a suspect was arrested and an opportunity had arisen to illuminate the crime. The dark forces, however, have worked hand-in-hand to block such a trial.

We, as Kurdish women, know that this case is a political case and that this trial would have shed light on many aspects of the Kurdish question. Those that do not want a solution to the Kurdish question and the warmongers have blocked the only suspect from being tried and have thus blocked the illumination of this political case and the Kurdish question.

We, as Kurdish women, will not let go of this case. This case has damaged the conscience of the people. Therefore, we will come together with the ethical, just and conscientious people of the world to try the collaborationist French state and the murderous Turkish state.

We call upon all Kurdish women, the Kurdish people and their friends to show their anger against the actions of the French state and to demand for justice. Within this framework, we call upon everyone to carry out and participate in mass demonstrations at all French Embassies.

Also, on the 7th of January in Paris, we call upon everyone to participate in the mass march to declare to the collaborators and the fascist AKP and Erdogan government that we are all Sakine, Fidan and Leyla. The strength of the truths will trump the power of the dictators, so long as courageous people are willing to stand up for those truths.


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