Open letter tells the President of Kurdistan some facts

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President Barzani

President Barzani

The young Kurdish citizen and writer Alan Sahibkran  has sent an open letter to the president of Kurdistan which begins:  “I am sending you this letter, staying away from slander or libel, to advise you on several issues concerning our region of Kurdistan”.

The letter, published in Hawlati, goes on to tell the president about the current situation regarding corruption, which is what most people talk about every day. It also tells of last week’s KDP party festival, celebrating the anniversary of the September revolution. In that festival, Sahibkran writes, most of the people who waved the KDP flag were foreigners who were contracted to do this.

The plight of the youth who cannot get work when they graduate is a central theme of the letter. Furthermore, it argues that the KDP is surrounded by the type of people who want the party to satisfy their desire for luxurious lives rather than to serve the people.

Universities are empty of knowledge, writes Sahabrikan. Ordinary people suffer from a shortage of houses and living accommodation while politicians can have any land they want – and they often have several accommodations, even for their mistress. Deprivation has aggravated social problems in Kurdistan, disrupting the family structure and leading to so many divorces in the region. The neglect of road safety by the Kurdistan government has resulted in too many deaths. The main area of corruption for which the people of Kurdistan hold the government responsible is that of oil and the people have been taken by surprise by the scale of the problem and the lack of transparency.

Finally the writer, presenting himself as an ordinary person, tells the President of Kurdistan:

“If you looked at the current situation in Kurdistan from my point of view you could see that this region is moving towards destruction. The reason I am sending you this message is because previously in one of your gatherings you told the audience that you don’t know all the facts and that we are not telling you all the facts. I am sorry to tell you that, if you do not start immediate reform, especially in the oil sector, which can be of benefit to all and not a few, and return land and living accommodation to poor people, this only means one thing and I don’t want to say it !!!!!”

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