O! My Kurdistan it is Daybreak

Poem by Freyad Ibrahim:

Break, break,  break

It is daybreak.

Kurdistan awake

It’s a new day.

It’s a new way.

Shake, shake, shake

the terrors crown.

Rend , rip, rive

the idols’ gown.

Beat, beat, beat

Crash them hard

Under your feet.

The gloomy clouds

Are drifting away

A new sun shines,

shifts your night

into a daybreak.


Rain, rain, rain

Heavens hail,

Winds do wail,

Masses, a hurricane ,

never want wane


It’s a new day,

It is new era.

The dauntless young,

fair- and- square,

armed with knowledge ,

found their way,

With care,

Are aware:

Technology will prevail

The old-fashioned rulers

Will never avail.


Oh! My people,

Your drained colour,

So long pallor,

has turned brown.

Every gash in your body

is a crown,

is a mouth crying:

Down, down.

Every scar

On your backs

every slash

On your breasts,

On your wrists,

Is a shooting star.

That is why

They Soar ,

and flash

in the sky,

and fly

so high!


Youth of Fatherland,


and  terrify

Your attackers.

Are they humans?

Or barbarians ?

Or beasts

Or hyenas

Or  wolves?


Or slaves?


Or clowns,

Or jokers?


Your wounds are tongues

That testify

Of today’s disaster

And register

In the history :

They’d  pave the way,

and justify

your fair affair

Until Doomsday


My cherished people of my Kurdistan:


No more sobs

No more sighs



Don’t hush,


your fears,



And take

The chance

It’s Daybreak.


Break ,

the bars of your jail

don’t wail,

don’t wait,

Shatter your cage,


Yet a victor’s yelp

It’s a Daybreak


Dear children of my Kurdistan:

Go and Gaggle,


Like the flying blue- birds,




high sky

and roar,


as a butterfly,


The wild flowers,


Wake, shake, and break

It is Daybreak


Freyad Ibrahim was born in Soran, near Erbil. He was forced to flee Iraq in 1997 and now lives with his family in the Netherlands. He writes and translates in Kurdish, Arabic, English, Dutch and Farsi.

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